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. Welcome to
Marilyn Koch (Shugar) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who worked in
C & SS YUL and now resides in PHX.

. John Dickie - VP Tech Ops at YUL is leaving Air Canada and
being replaced by Chris Nassenstien who was with Canadi>n
for 23 years. Effective date Feb 1st 1996.
Who said parachutes are not an integral part of the
airlines inventory?

. Trip to Las Vegas?

Feb 25th to Feb 29th accomodation in Imperial Palace cost
pp dbl C$415 plus C$78 tax.
Leaving from Victoria Airport via Canada 3000 Airbus.
Contact Saville Hambleton on (604)656-3758 soon.

. Rumour

PanAm and Ozark are attempting to restart operations.

. A Tower Air 747 recently aborted t/o at JFK due 1 engine
detatched and nose gear collapse. No evacuation of pax
initiated which is captains decision. This decision was,
apparently, correct in the circumstances as some injuries
do occur during slide evacuations.

. Remember the DC3?
Air Cruise America offer champagne on a DC3 nostalgic flight
for 1 hour out of Long Beach airport. Cost U$125.

. Look in at A&E TV on Monday Jan 8th for a program called
21st Century - featuring the Boeing 777. Program took
3 years in the making following the 777 from start to

. Air Canada fleet contains 198 aircraft. One is the B747-133
seats 39J, 377Y, cargo 33,750 lbs, speed 555 mph range 4715 mi.

. Just back from Hawai'i - Waikiki Beach on Oaha island.
Outrigger hotels offer 50% discount.
No departure tax at HNL.
EVERYTHING else taxed at 4.167% except bargaining in the markets.
Food for selfcatering types is VERY expensive. Try one of the
'all you can eat' places and stoke up once a day. Doggy bags
sometimes allowed. I used Smogies on Kuhio St - b'fast $4.99,
lunch $5.99 and supper $8.99.
Spend some time checking out the multitude of flyers available
at most street corners for the 'freebies' and sicount coupons.
For expample Macadamia nuts 5.5oz $3.99 at airport, $3.49 at
ABC stores, $2.89 at Woolworths and $2.69 at Hilo Hatties.
Crystal in markets something again - one piece started at $65
knocked down to $35 cost me $10 at Crystal City a wholeseller
on Nohomani Street.
Buses are plentiful and cost $1.00 per trip, either a bill or
coins. With transfers you can traverse the whole island for
$1.00. Beware of cheap around the island tours at $20, they
are usually in vans rather than buses and somewhat unreliable.
I got one knocked down from $42 to $32 and well worth it.
Hula dancers - go to the park next to the zoo for the Kodak
1 hour show, completely free. Then hop on a bus which will
take you to Hilo Hatties, Divers (jewelery),Dole cannery
and Maritime centre all free transport.
Don't forget to check those flyers, some coupons are better
than others for the same event - Imax cost $7.50, hotel would
give $1.00 off, coupon gave $2.00 off, another gave $3.50 off
for up to 4 persons. Aquarium regularly $7.50, seniors 55 and
over at $4.00.
Unfortunately, the Pearl Harbour memorial was closed due to
the partial shutdown of the US Federal budget arguments.

.  Following supplied by Mike Leduc

This is entitled "If Operating Systems Ran Airlines".

WINDOWS Airlines:

The airport terminal is nice and colorful, with friendly flight
attendants, easy access to the plane, and an uneventful
takeoff...then the plane sometimes blows up without warning        whatsoever.
.  Thought for the day contributed by Vesta Stevenson  
You know you have been flying too long when -            
... you get on yhe highway and hit "rotate speed"
(50 mph for a Cessna 150). You pull back on the
wheel and don't get airborne.   

o o

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