Subject: Netletter 13 - Between Ourselves

. Welcome to Eric Lalonde on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who joins us from

Syl & Kay Napolitano.
Departing Ft. Lauderdale April 27th.
Ports of call Georgetown, Grand Cayman - Cartegena, Columbia -
Panama Canal transit - Puerto Caldera (for San Jose), Costa Rica -
Acapulco, Mexico - Los Angeles - Victoria - Vancouver.
14 days to Los Angeles - 18 days to Vancouver.
Fare in U.S. Dollars as follows:  : Los Angeles, inside $1400.00
outside $1540.00 - Vancouver inside extra $400.00 - outside extra 
$440.00 -  All fares include gratuities.
For further information contact DARGAL interline Cruise & Tours,
Kelowna. B.C. Phone 1-800-690-3223.

. Air Canada will not be operating to Berlin effective Jan 14
or Vienna effective Jan 10.

. British Airways are on the World Wide Web of the internet at

. The new Air Canada uniforms will be worn effective Jan 29th.

. Vistors to the UK London area are unhappy at the state of the
hotels, according to a survey conducted by the British Travel
Authority and suggest that only hotels registered with them
under the Crown Classifiaction program should be used.
A listing booklet called 'London Accommodations for the
budget traveler' is available FREE from the B.T.A. in Toronto.

. Please ask your local Pionair director to talk about our
Netletter, and to include our email address, in their next
local newsletter.

. SSRS-Infonet is a free bulletin board offering information
on pensions, health and many other subjects of interest to
B.C. seniors. Dial (604)733-0269 with a computer modem or
call voice Senior Resourses and Research Society at

. Later this year, October, the area code for Vancouver Island
and parts of the lower mainland will be changed to (250), this
is to accommodate to explosion in the number of telephone
numbers requested.

. Nostalga - most of us lived through this history courtesy of
Vesta from the Canadian Encylopedia

Air Canada
Air Canada was incorporated by an Act of Parliament
10 April 1937, to provide a publicly owned air transportation
service. Stock was vested in Canadian National Railways.
Scheduled operations commenced on 1 Sept 1937 when passenger
and mail service was inaugurated between Vancouver, BC,
and Seattle, Washington. Transcontinental passenger and
mail service was introduced 1 April 1939 from Montréal/Toronto
to Vancouver via Ottawa, North Bay, Kapuskasing, Winnipeg,
Regina and Lethbridge, and Edmonton routes with the fleet
of Lockheed L10As and 1408s. 

The name of the airline was changed by Act of Parliament
from TRANS-CANADA AIRLINES to Air Canada 1 Jan 1965.
Under the Air Canada Act 1977, the airline's charter was
brought up to date. The common shares passed from CNR to
the Crown and the company was made subject to the
jurisdiction of the Canadian Transport Commission.
In 1987 the airline operated internal trunk services,
and routes across the Atlantic to Glasgow, Manchester,
London, Paris, Zurich, Düsseldorf, Münich, Geneva and
Frankfurt, Bombay and Singapore and cargo flights
to Shannon and Brussels. Air Canada also extensively served
the US and the Caribbean. The operational fleet was
113 aircraft, including 5 Boeing 747, 16 L-1011,
36 Boeing 727 and 14 Boeing 767. 

In 1986 Air Canada's investment in other companies included
GPA Group Ltd (22.7%), Innotech Aviation Ltd (30%),
MATAC Cargo Ltd (50%) and Global Travel Corporate Holdings
Ltd (86.5%). Air Canada purchased Nordair in 1979 and sold
it May 1984. Like most other airlines, Air Canada expanded
dramatically in the 1960s and 1970s, but amid rising fuel
costs and price wars recession hit in the mid-1970s.
Before restrictions were removed for CP Air, Air Canada had
77.8% of domestic traffic. However, passengers and cargo
declined drastically in the early 1980s. The company responded
with pay cuts and sales of equipment. 

In 1983 the airline suffered three incidents: a DC-9 skidded
off an icy runway at Regina, on June 2, 23 passengers were
killed in a fire of a DC-9 at Cincinnati, and a B-767 ran out
of fuel and was guided by its pilot, with luck and skill,
to a safe landing at Gimli. In 1986 Air Canada had sales and
assets of nearly $3 billion each; employees numbered 22,200.

......more another time .....

. Sentiments my boss passed on to me, Terry Baker, at my retirement

'All your working life you've displayed a commitment to helping
this organization, and as you retire we greatly appreciate your
last selfless gesture to maintain this record'

.  Following supplied by Mike Leduc

This is entitled "If Operating Systems Ran Airlines".

Everyone marches out onto the runway, says the password in
unison, and forms the outline of a plane. Then they all sit
down and make a whooshing sound like they are flying.

.  Thought for the day contributed by Vesta Stevenson  

You know you have been flying too long when -            

... you panic, abort the "take-off' and hit the brakes
(Drives the guy in close trail with you crazy)!

.  Found on the internet while surfing!

It appears several B-747 classics are having problems with
corrosion in the upper part of the fuselage on the inside.
It is rumoured that several will be out of service while
the problem is rectified.  This will seriously deplete lift
capacity during the airlines current expansion plans.

o o

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