Subject: Re: Netletter 14 - Between Ourselves

. Due to high freight loads and fuel requirements on the
Hong Kong route a load restriction is in effect. Although
the record could show ample space for con travel, the above
restriction may negate that. Cons are asked to check in at
the check-in counter and NOT the gate.

. Another No-frills airline starting up this Spring called
West Jet Airlines.

. Reminder -

Second part of the five part series 21-Century Jet about
the Boeing 777 is due on PBS Monday 15th.

. Gord Hykle and Phil Pawsey advise that the 96 Ham list
dated Jan 10/96 is available by sending a stamped
self-addressed business envelope to -

Phil Pawsey VE2DTM

. Reminder -

Travelling to Asia via LHR - your baggage will only be checked
to LHR and will have to be rechecked at LHR to final destination.
This is due to the UK authorities not allowing  unaccompanied
baggage, possibility with space available travel.

. Another reminder -

Relatives travelling on the Family Affa(i)re plan each need to
carry the PM002 form duly signed by the employee and with their
travel card imprinted to validate. The December edition of the
Horizons gave details of the plan, but did not mention the need
for the above mentioned documentation, although the article did
indicate that complete information is available in CIC*85. Of
course all the retirees have access to such CIC's <g> Don't we?

. Qantas Airways announce a fare sale for North America to
Australia and New Zealand. Ticket purchase between Jan 11 thru
Jan 26th. Rtn LAX/SFO to Sydney,Brisbane,Melbourne or Cains
at US$798. Rtn LAX/SFO to Auckland at US$698.
Pax may combine one of the Australian cities at US$698 with
Auckland at US$199 additional.
For departure between Apr 10 - May 31, complete by Jun 26.
Min stay 7 days, max 30 days.

. LAX is the first US airport to recind the U$3.00 passenger
facilitation tax on departing pax effective immediately.

. As the 1st anniversary of the open skies bilateral looms,
jet flight traffic between Can/US is up 40% and passenger
traffic up by 15%.

Flight Ops is inviting all those crews members who have
been involved in the second life of the Tristar in Air Canada
fleet to a gathering in the 747 hanger at YYZ on Jan 19th
from 14.00 - 16.00 during which time a group photo will be taken,
followed by a bragging and story swapping session at the
Malpin Legion, 3263 Derry Road.

. Following supplied by Mike Leduc

This is entitled "If Operating Systems Ran Airlines".

NT Airlines:
Everyone marches out onto the runway, says the password
in unison, and forms the outline of a plane. Then they all
sit down and make a whooshing sound like they are flying.

. Thought for the day contributed by Vesta Stevenson  

You know you have been flying too long when -            
.. you brake through left turns and accelerate through
right turns.

. From Terry Baker

In answer to my enquiry with the credit card people ..

"With this new arrangement, you no longer have to worry about
exceeding your credit limit" - they cancelled my credit card!

. Still trying to win the biggie on the 6/49 or BC/49?

Organizers of Britian's national lottery confirm that three
winners would share a record equivalent C$88 million jackpot
that sent the country into a gambling frenzy. Each winner won
14,002,870 pounds about C$29.3 million. Wow.

. Concluding the history of Air Canada started in Netletter nr 13 -

In 1989 the government privatized the company but its
financial losses continued. In summer 1992 Air Canada and
Canadian Airlines began negotiating a merger.
The negotiations were bitter and ultimately unsuccessful.
Both airlines looked elsewhere for partners and Air Canada
entered into an agreement with Continental in Dec 1992.
Headquarters are at Montréal. 

Suggested Reading:
Philip Smith, It Seems Like Only Yesterday: Air Canada
the First 50 Years (1986).  

o o

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input,
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested  to
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