tmb acra yyz 2019 badmnton emblemThe Air Canada Recreation Association (A.C.R.A.) annual badminton tournament was held in Toronto on September 19-21, 2019, with approximately 70 participants and fans in attendance.

Next year the tournament will be held in Budapest, Hungary, so if you have never visited that part of Europe, or a returning visitor and want to join a happy group then make sure you check the article about Budapest in the latest October 2019 #1094 edition of "Horizons" which may help to persuade a visit to the badminton event in 2020.

tmb 550 acra yyz badminton 2019

Below we have the photos of the 2019 winners being presented with
their trophies by tournament treasurer, Rosemary Farrell or secretary, Julie Gentry

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tmb acra 1 Ladies Vets Double Winners - 
Louise Taitt and Arlene Mitcham
tmb acra 2 Ladies Doubles Winners -
Clare Pringle & Ruth Perera.
tmb acra 3 Men’s Vets Doubles Winners -
Richard & Bart Matitawaer
tmb acra 4 Men’s Doubles Winners -
Richard Tremblay & Shane Donovan 
tmb acra 5 Men’s Vets Singles Winner -
John Lawson 
tmb acra 6 Men’s Singles Winner -
Martijn Hopman 
tmb acra 6  Ladies Singles Winner -
Crystal Liao
tmb acra 8 Ladies Vets Singles Winner
Jamila Christie
tmb acra 9  Mixed Doubles Winners -
Bart Matitawaer & Suzanne Lachner
(with secretary, Julie Gentry)
tmb acra 10  Mixed Vets Doubles Winners -
Richard Matitawaer & Winni Chen
(with secretary, Julie Gentry)
tmb acra 11 Most Sporting Player –
Rosemary Farrell

London, England was the site of the first annual System Invitational Badminton Tournament, November 9 to 12, 1988.

The event was a resounding success, with participants coming from Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton, North Bay, Glasgow, Frankfurt, Bombay and of course London, England.

Yachting enthusiasts may wish to check out www.moorings.com for info on The Moorings 37th Annual Interline Regatta, held October 8 to 17, 2019.

tmb 550 regatta

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