Subject: Netletter #15

. Norontair closing down -

Effective Mar 29th Norontair will close down. The airline
has lost more than $5 mil annually for past several years.
The employees are making enquiries to take over the license.
The fleet of 2 Dash-8 and 2 Twin Otters are up for sale.

. For your information the YVR ACRA Committee

President   -  Sharon Rodgers,      Pax Sales APO
V.P.        -  Andrea Stapleton,    Res
Membership  -  Charlotte Takasaki,  Pers Asst.
V.P.APO     -  Cameron McDolald,    Cargo
Treasurer   -  Ted White,           Purchasing
Secretary   -  Lise Tate,           Pax Sales APO

. Web sites for hotels -


.  British Airways need regional jets.

BA is inviting 5 airplane manufacturers to bid for an order
for 60 regional jets to replace their B737-200's. BA has asked
for bids from Airbus, Avro (BAe), Boeing, Fokker and McDonnell

.  Reminder
Montreal District Pionairs casual luncheon get together will be
Wednesday Jan 31st at 11.30am. Call Real Henri (514)697-5405 or
Herb Guilfoyle (514) 696-5286 before Jan 26 to reserve.

.  US State department is warning tourist of the risk of being
kidnapped in the Manila area of the Philippines. Canada Foreign
affairs warns of armed conflicts in isolated areas and to avoid
travel in the Sulu Archipelego. Call 1-800-267-6788 for safety
information on any area of the world.

.  Anyone planning to drive in Australia  during their visit
should have an International driving license, available at
automobile clubs in Canada, and remember that in Australia
they drive on the LEFT hand side of the roads - mostly!

.  After the Pionair A.G.M in YOW this year, why not a fully
escorted tour of the Alps from Jun 5-19th? Visit Salzburg,
Vienna, Innsbruck, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy and
Austria. Cost CA$2099 pp inclds bus & guide, accom, brkfst
every day, dinners according to itin, city tours, fees,
portage, taxes and svce charges. Call 1-800-690-3223.

. For all you people who have good memories, these are questions
to test you out. DO NOT email your answers, which will be given
in the next netletter, all supplied by Philip Pawsey -

1. Early company aircraft had a trailing component which
is now a fixed component.     Name this component.

2. What was the maximum take-off weight for a company
Lockheed 1808?

3. What is a 807 in amateur radio talk?

4. Define a "cone of silence", and why was it so important?

. One of the earlier Trans-Canada Air Lines aircraft was the
L1808, the following may be of interest and is supplied
by Philip Pawsey.
My friend with a company mechanic and a sheet metal man made
a thorough inspection of this ex company aircraft at Assiniboia
Sask. (near Moose Jaw) and they found it to be in sound condition.
They made a favourable report back to the company but nothing
much has been heard about it since. Storage is a problem, after
all it is quite a large aircraft. I get the impression that the
whole idea of restoring it to flying condition may be dropped
but will certainly let you know if I hear otherwise.
Incidentally I think the registration was CF-TDB which would ring a
bell with some of our retired mechanics and pilots.

. Following supplied by Mike Leduc

This is entitled "If Operating Systems Ran Airlines".

. UNIX Airlines:
Everyone brings one piece of the plane with them when they come
to the airport. They all go out on the runway and put the plane
together piece by  piece, arguing constantly about what kind
of plane they are building.

. A correction to the postal addressed provided in Netletter 14
however if you have already acted upon it then don't worry,
with all the time in the world, the postals will be able to
figure it out <g> -
Gord Hykle and Phil Pawsey advise that the 96 Ham list
dated Jan 10/96 is available by sending a stamped
self-addressed business envelope to -

Phil Pawsey VE2DTM
J8G 1T8

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input,
comments and email addresses of any others who may be

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