Netletter #16
. Before I forget - the answers to the questions in Netletter 15 -

(1) The trailing component was a trailing antenna which was a
retractable wire cut to a length that matched the HF being used.
Phil Pawsey remembers forgetting to wind it in before landing
in a RCAF aircraft and they took seventy five cents off his pay.

(2) The take off weight of the L1808 was 19,605 lbs.
There is probably more weight in booze carried on a 747.

(3). 807 in amateur radio talk is a beer.

(4). The "cone of silence", is the area immediately above a
radio range station where no radio signal is heard.
Upon hearing (or not hearing) this, the pilot would commence
his final descent to the airport. Later they located a marker
at this location which gave the pilot a audible and visual
indication. Radio ranges  used to be the primary navigational
aid. They were replaced by VOR stations.

. On Tuesday 16th January, the Vancouver airport was completely
without electrical power due to a transformer which exploded.
Everything was either closed or operating as best they could.
Boarding aircraft was first come first served. HOWEVER the
Airport Improvement Tax was still being collected - what a nerve!

. Air Canada is offering its travelling pax up to 8 nights free
accommodation for two at a European countryside hotel.
Pax eligible by purchasing a ticket to Europe on Air Canada
for travel between Feb 17 - Apr 30/96.

. Bell Canada's Real Plus customers can now earn Air Canada
Aeroplan miles.

. Sizing devices placed at check-in and gates to ensure
carry-on baggage is within limits will gradually be introduced
across the Air Canada system. Commencing on Feb 1 at YWG & LAX.

. TWA B727 with 72 pax landed safely at San Antonio on Tuesday
16th after the rear stairs deployed during flight.

. Southwest Airlines will award a free RT ticket to any of its
fare paying pax departing from Spokane Int'l Airport between
Jan 22 and Feb 5th.

. 24 pax injured when American Airlines jet hit strong turbulence
on a Caribbean flight Thursday.

. Lufthansa and SAS offer joint flights effective Feb 1st.

. Korean Air is planning to spend US$14.3 billion for 150 new
aircraft by year 2005.

. Sichuan Airlines will be the first Chinese operator of the
Airbus. (3) A320-200 are being leased to replace the ageing
Tupolev TU-154m.

. MarkAir of Alaska filed for Chapter 11 protection for the
second time in three years. Creditors prefer liquidation.

. British Industry working group recommended that airlines
and airport in Britian should plan now for the introduction
of microwave landing systems. - imagine, when the cabin staff
switch on the galley microwaves, the plane goes into finals!

. Tupolev Design Bureau of Russia antic flight testing a new
short haul aircraft this year, designated TU-334.

. Aron Charad sends us these thoughts to ponder upon -

Y2K is the new buzzword for year 2000 issues and concerns.
Some serious issues being raised about what the turn of the
century will do to the world's computer programs, and some
funny stuff as well. One person has said he is taking all his
money out of the bank, buying two months worth of food and a
gun for protection.

You're Not Working on the Year 2000 Date Problem Because...

1.  You're already in Chapter 11.
2.  You're 95, on life support and haven't paid your electric
bill for the last 3 months.
3.  You're planning to retire next year.
4.  You're not using computers yet, you're waiting for the
prices to come down.
5.  It's someone else's problem.
6.  Someone smarter than you will come up with an automated
7.  You believe in the Tooth Fairy.
8.  Your standards (found in a large red binder in the IS library)
outlined how dates should be used in all applications.
9.  You only use vendor software.
10.  You lost the source code of your applications 3 years ago.
11.  You just don't have the time right now. Ask me again next
year when things slow down.
12.  You don't believe in computers.
13.  Government will pass legislation to roll back the clock
to 1900.
14.  You're moving your mission critical systems to client servers.
15.  You'll have replaced your applications by then.
16.  You don't have the budget.
17.  You're too busy writing new applications (which can't handle
the year 2000 either.)
18.  You're planning to sell your company next year.
19.  January 1st 2000 falls on a Saturday and Monday's a
holiday...you'll have lots of time over the weekend.
20.  You were planning to phase out computers anyway.

More next time ....

. Thought for the day contributed by Vesta Stevenson  

You know you have been flying too long when -

... you bark at your significant other, "Take-off Checklist!"

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