Netletter #18

.  In this years summer schedule, the number of flights
between the U.K. and Canada go from 68 per week to 72
per week. New 767-300 aircraft will increase flights from
YYC and YEG. Extra flight to GLA from YYC and YVR.
YYZ-LHR remain at 18. YYZ to GLA and MAN each daily.
YHZ - LHR is daily and YSJ will have 4 per week.

.  Home from home? The following from a B.A. Magazine.

"Fancy a break from your usual routine? Consider being
a homesitter. Homesitter Ltd is seeking mature, responsible
people aged between 40 and 68 to live in other people's
homes and care for their pets and possessions while
the owners are away. Properties vary from cottages to
castles. Services attracts modest payment, food and travel
expenses. Care is taken to match the abilities and the
interest of sitters with the needs and situations of
clients. Details Adele Barclay, Homesitters Ltd, Buckland
Warf, Buckland, Aylesbury, Bucks, U.K. HP22 5LQ Tel:

. Found on the Internet ...

Britian and Holland are unhappy with the decision by the
European Commission to allow Spain to give 87 billion
pesetas (US$690 million) in state aid to Iberia Airlines.

K.L.M. to hire 2,700 flight attendants.

Qantas named 'Airline of the year' by Air Transport World

Air Canada's recently reported profit of CA$129 reported
in the media for 1995 was in error. The year was 1994 -
we knew that!

. Computers becoming a taxing issue -

The City of Brussels became the only city in Belgium
to collect a yearly tax on all computer screens used by
companies, ostensibly because computers cost jobs. The
tax will replace a tax on motors, introduced at the turn of
the century in the belief that all motors - electric and
steam - would eliminate jobs. (Hope the Feds are not

. Aron Charad sends us these thoughts to ponder upon -

Further thoughts on the Y2K problem mentioned in nr 16

You're Not Working on the Year 2000 Date Problem Because...

21.  You can't believe 2 missing digits can cause that
much trouble.
22.  You don't thinks it's such a big deal... but you'll
have a programmer wear a beeper just in case anything
goes wrong.
23.  You're planning a vacation that week.
24.  There are no date problems in your code (you have
faith in your programmers).
25.  You have no programmers (your competition hired
them away from you last week.)
26.  You can't afford the cost of maintenance (but can
afford the cost of going out of business.)
27.  You're waiting for someone to convince you the
problem is real.
28.  It's not your job to worry about this.
29.  You believe a comet is due to hit Earth in 2000.
So why bother?
30.  Your management has not asked you to work on it yet.

.   Concorde - on Jan 21st 1976 the first Air France Concorde
flight was between PAR and RIO via DAK. Since that time
the fleet has logged some 68 million miles, 75,000 flight
hours including 53,000 supersonic, and carried 1.1 million
PAX. Also 23 round the world flights have been performed.

.   Comet news - the D.H.Comet at ORD was dismantled and
shipped to the Smithsonion, but due to lack of funds were
not able to restore the aircraft, so that Comet was

.   The following letter received from author Peter Pigott -

"I am an aviation author researching a book on the history
of commercial aviation in Canada. My last book was
"Flying Canuck! Famous Canadian Aviators." and dealt with
aviation giants like Billy Bishop and "Punch" Dickins.
In this one I would like to portray the accomplishments
of men and women in our aviation history whose work is
less wellknown - from shopfloor, ticket counter, airside
or stores. I would like to hear from anyone with memories
of working in the airline from the day C.D.Howe set it up
to the present. The "boardroom" history of facts and figures
I have. What my publisher is looking for is personal
anecdotes, impressions and thoughts. From the North Stars
to computers, Lancastrians to the Airbuses ... it is an
opportunity to record what will soon be lost to history
for ever. I cannot promise to use all the material sent in
and will naturally have to adapt the writing to my own style
and needs. However, I will acknowledge all help given."
Peter Pigott can be contacted at
1158 St. Jerome Crescent, Orleans, Ontario, K1C 2A8.

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input,
comments and email addresses of any others who may be

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