tmb cmwa cook 1 2In NetLetter # 1427, Gretchen (Aird) Dawson, founder and past president of the Canadian Maple Wings Association (CMWA) sent us information on the cookbooks illustrations by M. Donahue.

Here we have three more of the cartoons which each precede a few of the cookbook sections -

tmb cmwa cook 1 3 tmb cmwa cook 1 4

Agnes Jackson passes along this personal memory of the snowstorm described in NetLetter #1420

Earlier this year, you printed a snowfall certificate from Del Horn. This brought back several memories as we too were living in the Montreal area at the time; Pointe Claire to be exact. As a matter of fact, we were living on the same street as the Horns. Both Del and my husband, Ian were at home as no-one could get to the airport, nor could those already there get home.

Anyway, we got a phone call from the Horns asking us if we would like to come over for a visit and a warm drink. We jumped at the chance, as not only were our children playmates, but they had a fireplace and we didn’t!

We buttoned up and then found that the snow was piled so high against our door that we could not get out, so all five of us had to climb out of a window. Next problem—how to get down to the end of the block. I was afraid that one of the kids might just fall through the high snow and we would have to dig him out before he suffocated, so I made all three lie down and do the breaststroke over the snow.

I did not think I would have a similar problem even though I weighed three times as much as each of them, so I started on my way, only to go right through the soft snow and end up in our neighbour’s empty garbage can which had been left at the end of their driveway. Fortunately, Ian eventually managed to pull me out.

We finally made it to the Horn’s door only to find it also could not be opened due to the amount of packed snow against it. After much pulling and tugging, they managed to make enough space to push out a small shovel to clear the door and let us all in.

We all had a great time, listening to steel band music, having a few rum punches and playing some games by the fire.

Great time, great friends, great memories. Do hope they don’t set any new snow records this year.

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