Subject: Netletter nr 19 - Between Ourselves

.  Historic China Tour

15 day land tour departing YVR Mar 4/96 featuring Shanghai,
Suzhou, Qufu, Mt. Zai, Tinan and Beijing. Cost from US$1799
p.p. Companions & friends traveling with interliners add
US$100 p.p. Includes return airfare from YVR, 1st class hotel,
ground trans, daily meals & special banquets, guided
sightseeing, cultural shows & baggage handling. Does NOT
include departure taxes, visa fee, tipping or insurances.
Call 1-800-665-3100 for more details.

.  Morocco - North West Africa.

Departs Thursdays from YMX to Agadir from US$769 per person.
Includes positive air space, transfers, accommodation for
6 nights, breakfast and dinner daily. Call 1-800-665-3100.

.  A technology service consortium in Dallas has set up its Web
page to let travellers bypass airline reservations systems
and book their own hotels over the WWW. The site already
contains 'electronic brochures' that include detailed
descriptions and rooms from 24,000 hotels. PC users search
for a hotel by geographical location, property name, room rate
and/or various amenities. The consortium is developing a
similar reservation system for rental car companies and some
14,000 U.S. golf courses. http://www.travelweb.com


.  Found on the Internet -

KLM have ordered 2 B747-100 Combi delivery May '97 & '98.

British air safety investigators say the Dec 21, 1994 crash
of an Air Algerie B737 at Coventry Airport U.K. was caused
by the crew allowing the aircraft to descend below the
glide path in foggy conditions.

.  Airbus Industrie romoured to be planning a 500 seater airbus
to rival the B747.

.  Air Canada flagship Xerox Business Centre finally opened in
the Domestic Maple Lounge at Pearson Airport Toronto.

.  Delta jet with 86 pax slid off the taxiway on Feb 5th as it
was preparing to leave for Portland, delaying flight 7 hours.


.  An aircraft flying from Miami to Buenos Aires went into
a 3 second nose dive when the co-pilot reached for his
coffee and knocked the aircraft out of auto-pilot. 17 pax
were injured but the flight continued on its way.

.  British Airways diverted a B747 to BOS on a flight from
IAH to LHR. A heater was stuck on  full blast in the cargo
hold where a small dog was travelling. In the usual good
manners displayed by the English, the Captain told his pax
of the problem and asked if he should divert. Yes, it was
agreed. The dog lived, the Captain got an award from the
local animal lovers and B.A. got a bill for US$41,000 -
no report whether the Captain was dinged for payroll

.  Portable phones can be hazardous to you life. A South Korean
man was so engrossed in his phone conversation that he
walked into a tree. He died as a result of his injuries.

.  The first jet to grace the new airport at Macau will be a
Canadian built Challenger owned by the Government department
of Tourism.

.  British Airways has returned to Sri Lanka after an absence of
7 years.

.  British Airways operate to 45 European destinations from
Gatwick and will add a further 6 destinations this spring.
It takes 30 minutes from Victoria Stn Gatwick by train, or
50 minutes from Heathrow on the tube, with 20 stops, then
the train to Gatwick. Fly charter it's smarter!

.  Southwest Airlines had had it with carbon epoxy composite
engine cowlings. The will retrofit 176 aircraft with
aluminum at US$100,000 per aircraft.

. Aron Charad sends us these thoughts to ponder upon -

Further thoughts on the Y2K problem mentioned in nr 16
& 18.

You're Not Working on the Year 2000 Date Problem Because...

31.  You've outsourced your IS function, they're talking
of this ...you hope.
32.  You're sure your vendor has taken care of this.
33.  Bill Gates will solve it.
34.  You have no programmers (you downsized last year).
35.  You have no programmers (you outsourced last year).
36.  You have no Cobol programmers (they all moved to
Client Server last year).
37.  It's too complex.
38.  You've got a headache.
39.  You don't like large maintenance projects.
40.  What date problem?
41.  Nostradamus never mentioned this problem.
42.  You don't want to.
43.  You're a disgruntled employee.
44.  Computers have no impact on your life.
45.  You like the excitement of system crashes.
46.  Your multi-million dollar company, doesn't really
depend on computers.
47.  We can hire enough people to replace computers as
they fail and even save money too.
48.  You believe in the sanctity of all life... even
computer bugs.
49.  You want to surprise your stockholders.
50.  (a bonus) It's Politically Incorrect to tell management
they have a problem... (especially one they didn't
budget for!)

. Thought for the day contributed by Vesta Stevenson  

You know you have been flying too long when -

... you spend so much time scanning for (airplane) traffic
when driving that you forget there's a bus coming at you.

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