Subject: Netletter nr 20 - Between Ourselves.

.  From Montreal Interline Club bulletin -

Monthly meetings held every 4th Wednesday at the Best
Western  Hotel room 101, 18:00 hrs. Hotel located near
Dorval Circle at 13,000  Cote de Liesse.
Future events
Feb 19th - RRSP's Brian Costello
Mar 16th - Sugaring off dinner.

.  ACRA Calender of System events -

SKI           Silver Star Resort        Feb 18-23
CURLING       Calgary                   Mar 26-29
SQUASH        St.John's Nfld            Apr 25-27
PHOTOGRAPHY   Halifax                   May 05-05
SOFTBALL      Calgary                   Jun 18-21
GOLF          Cranbrooke, BC            Sep 15-17
TENNIS        Long Boat Key, Florida    Oct 04-09
DARTS         Barbadoes                 Oct 19-22
BADMINTON     Glasgow                   Nov 01-02

. Memories of the North Star - from friends of Vesta -

The North Star was basically a DC-4, extensively modified,
closer to a DC-6 in performance. BOAC had a few, renamed
'Argonaut'. Despite the opinion of a prominent Canadian
politician who called it "a travesty on the laws of
aerodynamics", it gave good service both to the RCAF
and Trans-Canada Airlines for several years.
Its main disadvantage was the very high noise level of the
short-stack Merlin engines. TCA spent a good deal of
money on cabin insulation and on extended exhaust
manifolds to route the noise under the wings.
Pilots liked them. I logged a few hours as first officer
on the military ones. They were nice to handle.

.  Found on the Internet -

TWA planning to hire 2100 pilots, res agents and flight
attendents during 1996.

Continental Airlines is paying each employee a US$100
as a perfomance bonus for 1st place finish for on-time
perfomance during December.

Sabena being hit by one day strike by staff which
resulted in a complete shutdown on Feb 6th. Phone ahead!

Interactive In-flight Entertainment Equipment for
Boeing 777 provides 48 channels of CD quality audio,
24 channels of video and can support video games,
pay-per-view, video shopping and gambling.

BA's planned use of USAir B737 pilots blocked by UK
Dept of Employment stating no shortage of qualified
pilots in search of jobs. BA has started advertising
to recruit for 150 Direct Entry pilots.

.  As mentioned in Netletter nr 14 -

WestJet plans to operate scheduled flights YVR,YEG,YWG,
YYC commencing Feb 29th with fleet of 3 B737. This is
a no-frills, ticket-less operation to reduce fares.

.  Trip to Las Vegas

The planned trip mentioned in Netletter nr 12, due to
go Feb 25th - 29th from Victoria has been cancelled due
to lack of participants.

.  Benoit Vezina sends the following information -

FYI, the AGM '96 information package was delivered to
the Post Office Feb 2;  it contains Hotel and Tours
information, the schedule of events, as well as
procedures and forms to book hotel and tours.
You are urged to return these forms ASAP if you
plan to attend.

Re. Peter Pigott - refer to information in Netletter 18

Fraser Muir, President, Air Canada Pionairs, spoke to
Mr. Pigott.  He was excited to hear about our AGM '96
being held in YOW, and he plans to pay us a visit.
He has also agreed to hand over his notes and tapes
of interviews to our archives, once he has finished
writing the book.


. Thought for the day contributed by Vesta Stevenson  

You know you have been flying too long when -

... you use the emergency brake to drop the flaps.

>  .  That's it for this time, please we need your input,
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