Gerald Archambeau submits a vintage picture from his life and career -

tmb Archambeau bookI started with AC in 1967, and have seen many changes in Canadian passenger travel. I have worked for Canada’s two great railways, which gave me the opportunity to meet and greet Canadians from coast to coast.

I started as a Station Attendant and went on to become a Lead. I have been retired since 1993, and happily married to my dear wife Marion for 40 years. I have also written two books on my immigrant life to Canada from British Jamaica.

Life is good; as I have nothing to complain about in a country that helped me survive a tough world. I have been fortunate to have become a successful author in my 27 retirement years, with my last book in the works with Austin Macauley in the UK.

It has been a great ride in our great country for 73 years. All the best to the “Pionairs & The Net-Letter”.

Gerald A. Archambeau, author.

Click the image above for more information on Mr. Archambeau's book "A Struggle to Walk with Dignity".

tmb 550 Gerald Archambeau

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