Camp 4 Winds operated by ACRA YUL. 

The campground was bought from the Séguin family 54 years ago by ACRA, the recreational association of Air Canada employees.

Originally there were only a few pitches. The camp now counts 79 for campers and 3 sites for guests. This beautiful campsite is self-financing and self-managed thanks to the expenses of guests gathered and the community work of the volunteers who use their abilities and knowledge to repair and embellish the site.

Members are invited to visit our beautiful campsite on the shores of Lake Barriere in the Outaouais. They can stay for short periods on our host sites or even sign up for a seasonal camping holiday at an excellent rate.

Montreal ACRA officials for 2019:
Paul Payer, President; Jim Stachecki, Vice-president; Pierre Williams, Treasurer; Rajendra Persaud, Social/Purchasing; Rosina Primiano, Membership/Secretary; André Houle, Member benefits; Roger Harte, Sporting activities; André Marois, President Camping and Lise Quimper-Sobolta, Publicity, Website.

(Source: FaceBook.com/ARAC-ACRA-YUL)

Also: www.acrayul.com


It happened forty four years ago.

Wednesday January 21, 1976, British Airways Concorde G-BOAA with VIP passengers departed Heathrow (LHR) on its first commercial flight for Bahrain.

It was choreographed with Air France Concorde F-BVFA which left Paris for Rio de Janeiro at the same time.

The supersonic era had begun by the partners in this ground breaking Anglo-French venture. The concept of a faster-than-sound commercial airliner had arrived.

(Source: Aeroplane magazine issue - February 2016)

tmb 250 concorde air france tmb 250 concorde ba

The Autocar.

tmb autocarAlthough it seems like every second story in aviation publications is about some variant of a flying car there is actually only one flying car in the world and it will be up for auction, with no reserve, in January.

The 1954 Taylor Aerocar will go on the block at Barrett Jackson’s Scottsdale auction January 11-19 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The, uh, vehicle is owned by Greg Herrick’s Golden Wings Flying Museum in Minnesota and is the only one certified for both the road and the air. It was one of six made and has been maintained in airworthy and roadworthy condition.

Herrick has been trying to sell the Aerocar since at least 2012 when he was looking for $1.25 million. More recently he’s been trying to get $895,000. The Aerocar has about 16,000 road miles on it and more than 700 hours of air time. It is powered by a Lycoming 0-320 that is hooked to a three-speed front drive transmission for the road and a tail-mounted prop in the air. The wings and empennage are towed behind the tiny car body for the trip to the airport.

(Source: AVweb.com -  December 16, 2019)

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