Our featured YouTube video comes from Dj's Aviation channel on the introduction of the Airbus Beluga XL.

A link to a story published at AVweb.com follows below.

tmb 550 beluga video

The first of six A330-based BelugaXL mega freighters entered service January 15, 2020, enabling Airbus to carry ever larger aircraft parts for production and make children giggle the world over.

The Beluga XL development began in November 2014 and first flew in the summer of 2018. It  received its EASA type certificate in November 2019.

Airbus says the BelugaXL has “the largest cargo bay cross-section of all existing cargo aircraft worldwide. The BelugaXL can carry two A350 XWB wings compared to the BelugaST, which can only carry one.”

Since the original BelugaST was based on the earlier A300, it’s no surprise that the XL is usefully larger. The 30 percent additional capacity comes from a fuselage 3 feet wider and 21 feet longer. 

(Source: AVweb.com,  January 15, 2020

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