Brussels Airlines unveiled "Aerosmurf", its fifth Belgian Icon.

The Smurfs design by the Italian Marta Mascellani, chosen by the public as the result of a Belgian Icon contest, will represent Belgium on a Brussels Airlines A320 aircraft. The Smurfs, who celebrate their 60th birthday this year, are one of Belgium’s most loved comic characters and are sure to be the perfect flying ambassadors for Belgium.

The name Aerosmurf is the title of a Smurfs comic album which tells the story of a little Smurf whose dream is to fly. The little Smurf tried several ideas, but none of them work, until he builds a plane. Since then, the little Smurf is known as Aerosmurf.

Overall, 19 smurfs adorn the outside of the airplane. For passengers flying with Aerosmurf the experience continues inside. Little smurf footsteps on the carpet are leading the Aerosmurf guests to their seats, while a Smurfs video and adapted boarding music complete the Smurfs experience. 

(Source: portal.staralliance.com/employees)

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