In NetLetter #1423, Stephen Helms made a request to contact Max Stollar who, in NetLetter #1422 advised that he had a number of photos, pins and aircraft models for donation to some organization.

We passed the contact information on to Stephen Helms, and this was the response we received.

I started collecting models, during my training days. Mine are generally metallic, resin, or plastic snap fits. Although, I do have one made from mahogany (the only way, short of scratch built, to acquire the "North Star"). Some were custom built ( i.e. the Bristol Freighter & Beech 1900 ).

I tried to collect either what I had worked or flown on, at first. But it spread out, over time. It's always amazing to me where models pop up. For example, behind the bar, at the Crows Nest Club in YYT, there is a beautiful metal (very rare) model of a North Star, among others. If it could only talk! There were 2 DC-8 (short series) models that used to grace the ticket office floor in Scotia Square - YHZ (back in the day - 70's ?).

When everything moved to the airport, they were packed up and put into storage (sans wings)! How does one misplace those? Damn shame, that! They were built in England and probably very expensive to purchase.

Anyway, always on the lookout for new acquisitions. My collection ranges from 1/52 to 1/200 scale (dependent upon the size the model was produced in). But I would not rule out something a bit larger, provided I don't have to plead with my wife to add an addition to the house!

Best, Stephen

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