First commercial passenger flight of a Boeing 747 was by Pan American Airways on January 22, 1970.  The flight was from New York (JFK) to London Heathrow (LHR).

The 747 was named "Clipper Victor" N736PA with 22 crew and 345 passengers. Seven years later the aircraft was involved in an incident at Tenerife.

(Source: Flight International magazine January 21, 2020)

UK to support hybrid-electric Islander project.

tmb islander aircraftThe UK government will provide 50% of the cost of a 30-month, £9 million ($11.6 million) demonstrator project to convert the nine-passenger Britten-Norman Islander to hybrid-electric propulsion for short-range flights such as inter-island routes.

(Source: aviationweek.com Nov 21, 2019)

An abandoned airport -

Croydon Airport, London, UK. (along with Le Bourget in Paris and Tempelhof in Berlin) was redolent of the romance of early aviation in Europe.

Several famous figures, from Charles Lindbergh to Winston Churchill, graced its runway, which crossed a road on which traffic had to be stopped by a man waving a red flag. It is also famous for being the first airport with air traffic control. Today, the old terminal Airport House still stands, decorated by a De Havilland Heron.



Photo historiccroydonairport.org.uk/

tmb 550 croydon airport

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