Steve Charlton sends us this -

Here are the top 15 "techie" jobs emerging for next year. I never heard of any of them!

  1. Artificial Intelligence Specialists
  2. Robotics Engineers
  3. Data Scientists
  4. Full Stack Engineers
  5. Site Reliability Engineers
  6. Customer Success Specialists
  7. Sales Development Representatives
  8. Data Engineers
  9. Behavioral Health Technicians 
  10. Cyber-security Specialists
  11. Back-end Developers
  12. Chief Revenue Officers
  13. Cloud Engineers
  14. JavaScript Developers
  15. Product Owners

Whatever happened to "programmer"?

I'm sure #16 must be "Job Title Creator" (see above), although maybe they've actually been around for decades now - I remember "garbage collectors" being called "sanitary engineers" and a few others - egads!

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