Hi to you all,

Just joined the web site. Excellent job; as I am in the picture with the A320 cold weather test (third from the left in the photo below) of which I have a few stories!

Nonetheless, in 1986, I was fortunate enough to be selected as the mechanic on the L-10A CF-TCC journey across Canada by Air Canada in celebration of their 50th anniversary.

I am getting on in age and plan to retire for sure in May of this year. I would love to share my journey with the airplane across this great country of ours (some unity here) with you and your members.

As you publish twice a month, and I was on the road for 47 days, I think I could stretch it for a whole year of pictures and funny stories.

Please let me know if this is a subject you would like to publish.


David Brooks

tmb 550 a320 cold test team

We are happy to welcome Dave to the NetLetter and look forward to receiving any stories he wishes to share.

The NetLetter Team.

In NetLetter #1432, subscriber Bill Jefferies asked about info regarding Omni Air International. 

We found this review (click the image below) complimenting the service provided by Omni Air at the Runway Girl Network.

tmb 550 omni

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