Piece of history.

Fancy owning a bit of an airline-operated Airbus A380?

tmb luggage tagA German company is using recycled fuselage parts from ex-Singapore Airlines super jumbos to make collectible identity tags from their outer skins. The aircraft have been broken up for spares by Tarmac Aerosave in Tarbes, France.

Each of the limited edition tags sports the aircraft type, registration number, edition number and size. Some 7,000 such items from (9V-SKA) - first flown from Toulouse on May 7, 2006, delivered to Singapore on October 12, 2007 and retired in October 2017,  sold out within 48 hours, says the company, which is now taking pre-orders for tags made from MSN005 (9V-SKB). Yours for a mere €27.95 ($30 USD).

(Sources: CNN Travel and FlightGlobal.com)

Another abandoned airport.

tmb stapleton airportStapleton International Airport served Denver, Colorado between 1929 and 1995, when it was replaced by Denver International.

In July 1997, a storm caused severe damage to its structure, so it had to get knocked down completely. All that remains today is one old control tower. 

(Source: www.skyscanner.net)

The Canadian Aviation Historical Society (CAHS.com) is offering this book for sale at $18.00 (GST included) plus $6.00 shipping per copy in Canada. 

tmb four degrees celciusAuthor Kerry Karram was inspired by her grandfather Andy Cruickshank’s diary to tell the story of the 1929 Arctic search and rescue efforts to save eight prospectors of the Dominion Explorers led by C.D.H. MacAlpine.

Grossly under-equipped, the expedition ran out of fuel and was stranded above the Arctic Circle. Within days, Western Canada Airways sent a rescue team headed by Captain Andy Cruickshank, in what was to become the most extensive aviation search in Canadian history.

The searchers encountered trouble: turbulent weather, forced landings, and plane crashes. The prospectors were also struggling, as they waited edgily for freeze-up and the anticipated crossing to Cambridge Bay. While Cruickshank and his team were trying to reconstruct a damaged aircraft, MacAlpine and his men were forced to run more than 112 kilometres on barely frozen ice to arrive at Cambridge Bay, where they still awaited rescue.

The CAHS is offering this book for sale at $18.00 (GST included) plus $6.00 shipping per copy in Canada.

Limited time offer – Please place your orders by 1 May 2020. 

(Source: CAHS National Newsletter March 2020).

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