UK Pionairs Christmas lunch report sent in by Jack Morath.

Held on December 1, 2019 at the Ship Hotel in Weybridge.

About 100 attended and at each table everyone received a pound coin and a Lotto scratch card. If anyone got a large amount as winnings they were not about to admit it.

A bottle of red and a bottle of white wine were at each table, which held 10 people. Our Christmas lunch team, who helped make a success of the occasion, consisted of Maggie Boto-White, Nickie Collings and Jane Wilson.  John and Teresa Glew organized the raffle. Also, helping on the day,  were Maggie's husband Cyril and my wife Aureen.

Here we have this photo of the Pionair executive:

Maggie Boto-White, Assistant Director; Gerald White, Director; Nickie Collings, Treasurer; Teresa and John Glew; Jane Wilson; Jack Morath, Social Secretary and Mike Judkins, former Director.

tmb 550 lhr pionairs christmas

Neil Burton sends these two photos:

A Transair travel bag and luggage tag of a former travel agent of Lynn Travel Ltd., Lynn Lake, Manitoba. Item was picked up in an auction of travel items (possibly in 2008, or earlier).

Neil Burton, April 16, 2020.

tmb transair bag  tmb transair badge

Sally Rouse sends these photos of her farewell party on September 1994, with 30 years and 10 months service, at YUL Computer and System Services (C&SS).

From there she went to work in Finance for Customer Invoicing and retired from Air Canada on April 1, 2001 with a total of 37 years and 5 months service.

tmb sally rouse 1Maria Camerlain, Sally Rouse and Edith Gal.
tmb sally rouse 2Peter Thomson, Sally Rouse, Jim Drury and Pierre Garon.
tmb sally rouse 2Jack Mclean, James Laxton, Sally Rouse, Joe Flaig, Joe Richard and Al Hertz.

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