Doug Seagrim read Norm Foster's article in NetLetter #1455 and wanted the record corrected -

In Norm Foster’s article about getting hired by TCA, the person who did all the hiring was G.K. Gath Edward, not "Edwards".

He is not alone here but just wanted to correct the name of the man who hired so many of us, myself included.

Thank you,

Doug Seagrim

David Edward also pointed out the correction -

Norm Foster's story regarding his hiring is typical of how the hiring process was done in the 50's and onwards. Just one small correction, the gentleman who did the hiring was Gath Edward....no 's' on the name. Check the name on the telegram for confirmation.

As an aside, when I retired, after 40 years, my retirement plaque had an 's' on it as well. A lot of folks had a hard time with spelling the Edward last name.

Cheers...David Edward...retired 1998.

Johanne Racine also refers to the Norm Foster article in NetLetter #1455 and sends this information -

Thank you to Captain Norm Foster for his inspiring message. I have sent it to my young son who has similar background and graduated from Pilot College with a commercial pilot license as Covid started.

He now works very long and hard hours on the ramp in northern Ontario, hoping to get, one day, his seat in the cockpit. This inspiring and encouraging text will give him wind under his wings.

Kindest regards, Johanne Racine, Ex-Air Canada Flight Attendant

Editors' Note: We strive to be accurate and respectful in identifying people in our articles. When  we do make a spelling error, we appreciate being corrected.

Please feel free to advise us if you notice an error, thanks.

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