Tony Coleman refers to the video by Hans Sittler in NetLetter # 1444 regarding the "AC Winter Games" and sends us this memory -

Believe the event was in 2001. I was there and it was before I retired in 2002.


Tony Coleman.

(Editor's note: We checked the past issues of the "Horizons" magazine issued around that time, but no report was made.)

In NetLetter #1445, our 'Featured Video' was about the opening of the Vernon, B.C. airport and was suggested by Neil Burton.

After the distribution of that issue, we received this follow up information from Neil -

Found an old email in my file for then Squadron Leader Earl Leslie MacLeod, R.C.A.F. and it reads:

From me to his son, John 

Your father, S/L. MacLeod, and Flt. Lt. A. D’Niverille, accompanied by two NCO pilots (in training), Sgt. H. Bryant of Vancouver, and Sgt. J.D. Hunter of Hamilton, flew two flying boats to the opening of the Vernon Airport (Mission Hill). They arrived in Vernon, Tuesday, 29 September 1931.

John’s response was:

Dad’s log book indicates he was flying a Vedette 116. It also indicates the following timing and personnel:

  • 28 September - Vancouver to Kamloops with Hunter as 2nd pilot and Nicolson as mechanic.
  • 29 September - Kamloops to Vernon with Hunter as 2nd pilot and Nicholson as mechanic.
  • 01 October -  Local at Vernon with Carter Guest as 2nd pilot and Johnson as passenger.
  • 02 October -  Vernon to Kamloops and Kamloops to Chilliwack with Hunter as 2nd pilot and Nicholson as mechanic.
  • 03 October - Chilliwack to Vancouver with Hunter as 2nd pilot and Nicholson as mechanic.

Advertising of the opening referred to it as the Interior Provincial Air Pageant. Hope this adds additional information to the opening of the airport in 1931.

Cheers, Neil Burton, 08 September 2020.

Seeing the photo of the PWA B-767 in NetLetter #1445 reminded Najam Jafri of this memory -

Both PWA 767's were acquired by AC and were given fin no’s 671 and 672.

I remember working on those.

Najam Jafri.

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