special request 150Subscriber Fran├žoise Cohen has a request:

Hello everyone and thank you so much for the letter!

I was part of the May 1973 - BC/YVR Canadian Pacific Airlines class under Fran├žoise Roger then from YUL.

I am not nor do I wish to be on Facebook. Could you please help me reconnect if possible with everyone?

Louise Gauthier, Carole Rivest, Helena Vartanian from Finland and Martin Tarjuelo with whom were spent flying beautiful years.

Any info would make me so happy.  I now live in Northern California and could fly to reconnect almost anywhere.

Editors' note: If you have any information for Ms. Cohen, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we pass along your info to her.

Another Dorval snowstorm memory. This from Hildegard Sachs in reference to Marty Vanstone's article in NetLetter #1445.

I am writing to tell you about my experience of the day of the blizzard in Dorval in 1971; it really was something.

My husband Georg Sachs, did not come home from his job at the Maintenance Base. With the roads blocked, the boys spent the night on an aircraft, parked near the Base.

Walking was also impossible, though we lived almost adjacent on the other side of that famous Dorval Circle en route the 2/20 highway, leading into Montreal. It took several days for life in Dorval to get back to normal.

I remember it quite well now at 95, and am amazed to learn how they got that flight ready and off the ground.


In NetLetter #1446, under "Submitted Photos", Mary Ellen Harrison sent us a photo of the terminal at Sydney (Nova Scotia) Airport. Unfortunately, the photo had some Sellotape damage partly obscuring the terminal.

When Don Weaver spotted this he sent us this information -

Hi......enjoy your Netletter. Retired from Air Canada in 2004 as Captain on the B-767. Mary Ellen's picture is so great. It had suffered some pixel damage so decided to 'fix' it up with photoshop. I've attached the modified picture.

Thank you, keep up the good work, 

Cheers, Don Weaver.

tmb 550 sydney termnal

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