Here is a memory that Jack Morath, Social Director for LHR Pionairs, sent to the members -

tmb dc 8 at lhr 1960Today's picture shows a Trans-Canada Air Lines DC-8 which was introduced in 1960 (the Vickers Vanguard was introduced in 1961).

I remember when the company brought over the DC-8 to London (LHR) on a trial flight, and we were asked for volunteers to take a ride for an hour to the North of England.

I was working in the Import Cargo area at the time on the North side of the airport, and as it was only a short distance from home, I used to cycle each way.

When I went home at lunchtime I told Mum and Dad about my flight as I didn't know about it before I left in the morning. After flying in a propeller aircraft, the flight was so smooth we couldn't believe it. I remember placing a three penny piece on the seat table and it didn't fall over.


Alan Evans, living in South Africa, sends this memory -

Here is a grand old picture of a Hawker-Siddeley 748 demonstrator at beautiful DF Malan airport in Cape Town in 1969. Great aircraft on which I flew 3000 odd hours way back in 1960-70 in the West Indies. It was a close replacement for the DC-3, a real work horse. 

Editors' note: the Viscount on the ramp and the backdrop of Table Mountain.

tmb 550 hs748 at capetown

tmb hs748 liat coloursI sent these pictures to Terry Baker because he was with LIAT, formerly known as Leeward Islands Air Transport Services.

I, as Terry might recall, was with them for 6 years. We went bankrupt in 1974. Here is an HS748 in LIAT colours. 

Editors' note: We checked and found this information -

Failed LIAT To Be Reborn As LIAT 2020 Ltd with US $15-20 Million Investment.

The airline (officially registered as LIAT (1974) Ltd) which carried a debt of EC $12 million (US $4.4 million) in 2019, finally reached the end of the road as Antigua and Barbuda’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced that the airline would need to be liquidated, but insisted that a new airline would need to take its place to maintain connectivity within the Caribbean.

(Source: www.gatechecked.com/liat-2020-ltd-3185)

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