tmb pionars emblemAir Canada Pionairs Annual Members' Meeting.

The Air Canada Pionairs AMM will be held Thursday, October 22, 2020 at the Hilton Hotel, Winnipeg Airport at 11 a.m.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, attendance will be limited to 50 people, barring any further changes to Manitoba requirements. Appropriate social distancing will be in place and attendees are encouraged to wear masks.

With the restrictions on attendance, completing your Proxies is critical. Some of you will have received those in the mail and they will also be available through the Pionairs' website

Please be sure to complete and submit your proxy along with your spouse/partner’s proxy as soon as possible.

Air Canada guest representatives will still pre-record up-to-date information on Pensions, Benefits, Travel and Insurance.

If you have questions for our Air Canada guest speakers, they should be sent along to our President, Barry Hoeppner.

Barry will pass those along to the appropriate guest for them to address in their recorded presentation, or as a follow-up to their presentation.

All presentations will be posted on the Pionairs' website along with a video of the Annual Members Meeting as in the past.

(Source: Pionairs Alliance Newsletter # 54)

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