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The last A380 has rolled off the assembly line in Toulouse, France, ending the production run at just 242 aircraft.

When production began in 2006, Airbus estimated demand at 1200 aircraft but the Super Jumbo was quickly eclipsed by long-range twins that could carry almost as many passengers at much lower cost.

The current collapse of the airline industry has grounded most of the fleet and two of the earliest aircraft launched by Singapore Airlines have already been scrapped.

The last A380 is owned by Emirates but there is some question whether it will enter service for the airline. Emirates operates more than half the fleet and has already set 2035 as the end of service date for the type. Since there is virtually no second-hand market for the aircraft, it appears most will head for scrap.

The last A380 still has plenty of work left on it. It needs engines, an interior and an Emirates paint job before it is sent to the owner. 

Source: avweb.com/aviation-news

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George Plawski sends us this information regarding his book, 'Never a Dull Moment'. 

Since I see a great variety of aviation subjects printed in your publication, I wonder if your readers would appreciate it if you would consider disseminating information about my recently published book, the flying component of which involves my memories of operating Trackers off the aircraft carrier, HMCS Bonaventure, and stories of the pioneering days of firebombing, many of them happening right on our doorstep in BC.

Importantly, it also includes my romance and travels with my wife, Rita, who was an Air Canada flight attendant from 1966 to 1994.

For the stage buff, the book contains an overview of the early days of Vancouver theatre, including my founding of City Stage, Vancouver's long running lunch hour theatre.

George Plawski.

Editors' note: Book is available at www.amazon.ca

tmb 550 never a dull moment

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