After they read the account in NetLetter #1453 and the story by Norm Foster in "Remember When", we received these e-mails.

From Carole Davies -

Wow! Many thanks for the vivid explanation of Captain Foster’s encounter with his Viscount and to the keen and attentive perception of Mary. I started my career on the Viscounts and so this was a most interesting recount.

I enjoy your NetLetter very much, many thanks, stay safe in this troubling virus time.

From Kerry Collins -

Hi Team,

Is it possible in Norm Foster's story about Mary on the Viscount that her last name began with the letter D? Happy to protect her name.

Editors' Note: Mary's last name is not known to The NetLetter.

From Doug Seagrim regarding the Wong Brothers story -

Most enjoyed the article by Roger Slauenwhite in the last NetLetter. I was a student there in 1964/65 and following my qualification as a commercial pilot worked for Bob and Tommy as an instructor, aerial photographer and charter pilot.

I often did the night flying instruction and when there were no students, Tony Wong (nephew of Bob & Tommy) and I would do some circuits in a Cessna 140 and try to outdo each other by landing the airplane without using the control wheel.

We did this by using trim only and got pretty good at it. I flew all the airplanes they had including the Fleet 80 Canuck and ended up as their chief charter pilot flying the Beech Baron on charters all over the northern USA as well as most of the Canadian airports between Windsor and Montreal.

As well, because I had a float rating I did several trips with fishing parties to private camps on northern lakes including one to Michipicoten Island in Lake Superior.

Roger may not remember me but I did meet him once when he was well known in sales for Air Canada where I ended up as a pilot for over 38 years. I did know and respect Pete Gutowski as I finished my career on the B747-400 as well.

In NetLetter #1430 issued under "Submitted Photos" we had an article by Gerald Archambeau with a mention of his book "A Struggle to Walk with Dignity" which is available from Amazon at $19.95 or the Kindle edition at $7.19.

tmb archambeauWe recently received this information from Gerald -

It has been a long while since I made contact with your NetLetter. I have information that I feel will be of some interest to your readers.

My most recent and last book , as I enter my 88th year of life in our country Canada, is titled “A Story not Forgotten - Hidden Mixed Family Lives", published by Austin Macauley Publishers in the UK. They wanted to know what my life was like in British Jamaica where I was born.

The facts in this book are mainly about my Jamaican born grandfather Herbert T. Thomas, and his contribution to Jamaica. Sadly his life’s history, was erased after Jamaica got its independence in the 1960’s. The book is available at amazon.ca at $10.12 in paperback.

Sincerely, Gerald.

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