Mirabel International Airport was opened in 1975 as a potential replacement for Dorval Airport at a cost of CA$500 million, around CA$2.4 billion ($1.7bn/E1.4bn) in today's money.

Despite being the world's largest airport when it opened, it soon became clear there were big problems with it.

For starters, Mirabel is situated an inconvenient 26 miles outside Montreal and passenger numbers suffered as a result. Airlines soon abandoned the airport for Toronto and by the time Dorval (now Montreal-Trudeau International Airport) had expanded in the early 2000's, flights to and from Mirabel had ceased.

The terminal building has since been demolished, although cargo flights continue to operate to and from the airport. The vacant site has also been used for a few movie sets, including, fittingly, a zombie apocalypse film called Warm Bodies (2013).

tmb 550 mirabel airport

tmb 550 mirabel airport 1

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