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Answer for the mystery airline in Odds and Ends.

COPA is the flag carrier of Panama. It is headquartered in Panama City and a member of the Star Alliance.


Conference centre to keepsake – the fate of two retired giants.

A pair of examples of superannuated quad jets illustrate the very different destinies of airliners at the end of their working lives.

G-CIVB is a former British Airways Boeing 747-400 that joined the fleet in 1994 and was recently repainted with a retro Negus & Negus scheme originally adopted by the airline when it was created by the merger of BOAC and British European Airways in 1974.

The jumbo will live on at Cotswold Airport as a private-hire cinema venue for conferences and other functions, after being acquired by airport operator Kemble Air Services. It joins another ex-BA 747-400, that will be based at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey as a set for film and television.

Photo by John Taggart at Wikimedia Commons

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A former Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 (MSN003/9V-SKA), on the other hand, is now, among other things, a series of limited-edition identity tags.

They were fashioned from the fuselage of the 12-year-old aircraft after it was broken up at Tarmac Aerosave in Tarbes in 2019. German company Aviationtag says each of the items sports the aircraft type, registration number, edition number and size of the doomed superjumbo.

MSN003 has its place in history, having operated the first A380 passenger service on 25 October 2007, from Changi to Sydney. It was retired just 10 years later.

Photo by Terence Ong at Wikimedia Commons

Source: flightglobal.com

tmb 550 9v ska

The unwanted aircraft in aviation’s boneyards

For admirers of the 'Queen of the Skies', it is a somber sight. Nine former British Airways Boeing 747-400's, former flagships of the flag carrier and still resplendent in their liveries, line up on the hard standing of a rural airfield in the west of England, all but one destined to be broken into bits.

Cotswold Airport, at Kemble in Gloucestershire, is where old airliners come to die, and operator Air Salvage International (ASI) is one of a few aircraft dismantling and recycling specialists in Europe.

Source: flightglobal.com

tmb 550 ba 747 aircraft

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