tmb enroute mar apr 2021The enRoute magazine issue for March/April 2021 has a cover page photo on 'Dreaming of an Escape to the (Lesser Known) Greek Islands'.

tmb pierre jeanniot

How Pierre Jeanniot Helped Transform Air Canada has published a very nice article in tribute to underrated aviation Pioneer, and former Air Canada president, Pierre Jeanniot.

Excerpted from the article:

"The black box and non-smoking flights are two notable introductions in aviation thanks to the help of Pierre Jean Jeanniot. The industry veteran was the president and CEO of Air Canada from 1984 to 1990 and has been a force behind the scenes for decades. His impact on the airline and the wider market can still be felt today".

Mr. Jeanniot began his career with Trans-Canada Air Lines in 1955 as a junior technician and steadily moved up through the ranks with his talent for innovation. He founded the airline's operational research group and, by his recommendations, helped develop the 'Black Box' so that Canada became the first country to have a device to analyze data from airline incidents. 

Under his leadership Air Canada became the first fully non-smoking airline in the world in 1987 and was at the helm during the privatization process in 1988.

Full story available at

rampage emblem

Here we have this photo of Sam Massara, Malcolm Brown, Dino Vassio and Steve Gottschlick dreaming of Dino's pasta and enjoying the mild January weather.

Source: Rampage magazine issue February 1, 1989

tmb 550 sam massara

tmb 550 horizons classic
Issue March 1997

Here are members of the Montreal ACRA Executive for 1997.

Left to right, front row: Wally Kurdy, Sports; Jeff Vaillancourt, Publicity; Raj Persaud, Vice President; Michel Guindon, Benefits; Todd Haverstock, Purchasing.

Left to right, back row: Ingrid Broekman-Lebel, Administrative Director; Guy Pharand, Memberships; Donna Gomes-Browning, Treasurer; Julie-Anne Lambert, President; Alan Quendt, Public Relations; Charles Cadot, Camp Four-Wind; André Houle, Social.

Missing: Guy Lariviére, Gym.

tmb 550 acra executive 1997

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