Mike Stirrup, after reading NetLetter #1457, sends us this information -

Regarding Donna Price's  YWG finance photo from the '60's. The individual to the far right in front of Don McIntyre, looking back, is Barry Herring.

It's possible that I am tucked behind, and slightly to the right, of Frank Cihelka. If so, I was by far the most junior person in the office and was hired (as a new immigrant) on April 20, 1964.

The person tagged as Wilf Agar may in fact be Ivan Matsalla (not sure). It appears to be before the Montreal "gang" arrived with the CN/TCA credit card bureau (in 1965?) so that may narrow the date down.

Mike Stirrup.

tmb 550 ywg finance

Mike Nash sends in this information -

I was delighted to see the photo of the Auster aircraft at Amsterdam in The NetLetter #1457. It was early in 1969 that ‘The Queen of the Skies’ (Boeing 747) first took to the air, and six months later came the first moon landing.

In between those auspicious events I took flight training in an Auster aircraft from a grass field at Sywell in Northamptonshire, England.

Built in the neighbouring county of Leicestershire during the Second World War, this basic STOL tail dragger was used for flight training and reconnaissance during the war.

The name Auster was taken from the Roman name for south wind. 

Mike Nash.

Editors' Note: Click the image below for Mike's video 'Learning to Fly".

tmb 550 mike nash video

Tony Walsh sends us this information -

"Further to the NetLetter #1456 Air Canada News item about the new A220-200 C-GNBN painted in the Retro TCA livery, here is an added photo that shows the beautiful scheme more fully. It was taken as she came out of the paint facility at Airbus - Bombardier - Mirabel.

Contributor's Note: The blue on the engine cowl leading edge is protective peel-off covering yet to be removed, so there won't be any colours that would clash with the TCA-on-grey scheme.

Photos are now public & credited as: Courtesy Brian Losito/Air Canada.

"The A319-114 C-FZUH with the first retro TCA livery, that Air Canada had operated since the 1997 60th anniversary is no longer in Air Canada's fleet. It was ferried to Kansas City & retired several months ago. I am pleased that Air Canada chose to replace this with the new A220-300 in retro livery to keep the nostalgia of our airline's heritage ongoing".

Regards, Tony Walsh (long retired Mgr - Airport Ops Services - Western North America & Pac Rim)

tmb 550 a220 outside airbus ymx

tmb mae wilson02Mae Wilson shares her memories of her career with Nordair -

“I started in administration in In Flight Service.

There I met all our Nordair Flight Attendants and heard their stories of incidents on their flights, good and bad.

It was really interesting working there and getting to know the Flight Attendants. This was great because whenever I flew afterwards, both on business and pleasure, I always knew the crew.

From there I moved up to Finance where I was Administrative Assistant to the V.P. of Finance, Joyce Miracle, a very smart lady!

One of my jobs was to write out the cheques for all the executives for her to sign and I would deliver them on payday, including Roland Lafrancois (CEO). So we were on good terms!

Those days are gone now with direct deposit, which would be much more confidential. I was sworn to secrecy so no one ever knew what I knew about them all. A nice group of individuals, with such a personal interest in the well-being of this small but lucrative airline.

Good memories for me.”

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