Graham Edwards shares his comments after reading about the IATA travel pass in NetLetter #1460

Thanks for the info on the IATA Travel Pass. Had been watching developments closely so glad to see the App is now available. Now we need the Canadian government, the provinces and Air Canada on board so we can get our COVID-19 vaccination information securely transferred from our individual provincial heath profiles to the IATA Travel Pass.

I sent AC Public Affairs an email a couple of weeks ago asking when AC was going to sign on to the IATA Travel Pass but no reply to date. I assume that with the Canadian Government discouraging international travel, they’ve probably urged AC not to participate in this Travel Pass until international travel is again allowed.

I downloaded the App but the next step is that ‘the Carrier’ has to send you a 6 number code so you can activate the App. ☹️☹️☹️

Cheers, Graham

From David Hykle

I just read the latest issue of The NetLetter, another great one!

I always thought the Curtiss Commando was the "ugliest and weirdest" looking airplane but the Carvair is right up there.

I purchased a copy of William Dean's 'The ATL-98 Carvair' some time ago that details the complete story behind this aircraft; very well done. The EPA machine was number 6 of 21 that Freddie Laker and his team put together. I believe all of the 21 aircraft started out as operational C-54's that were extensively modified by virtually removing the entire forward fuselage section just in front of the wing leading edge and starting over. The photos in Dean's book reveal exceptional workmanship, the outer skins all hand-formed.

As you know, the Hawkair machine was written off eventually, with only two versions still remaining, one in South Africa and the other in Texas. I actually had a complete tour of c/n #9 in Denison, Texas a few years back while it was being readied for service. What a neat part of aviation history; I have some interior pictures and will try to dig them up. Wonderful visit that day. A significant amount of money and labour went into returning the aircraft to service over the last few years, but I believe it hasn't flown for quite some time.

A bit of trivia for you about the Hawkair Carvair registration.....did you recognize it, C-GAAH? I believe that was Air Canada's Fin #408, a Boeing 727 that ended up with FedEx. The airplane now serves as a training device for the O'Hare Airport Fire Department at the north end of the field. You can still see it on GoogleEarth.



Editors' Note: Fin #408 was re-registered N257FE, named 'Felicia' and flew in the FedEx fleet until 2014. Photo courtesy of Bill Wang at Planespotters.net

tmb 550 N257FE

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