From subscriber Don McMartin:


Just a comment regarding your article about the Boeing 314 in NetLetter #1461.

It drew my interest mainly because I have seen a 314 a few times at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola Florida. The aircraft they have inside the museum dwarfs everything in the museum, with many aircraft parked under its wing. The history on their particular aircraft makes it possibly the most famous of them all.

In brief, it was the first aircraft to land in Japan after the Japanese surrender. It landed in Tokyo bay close to the USS Missouri, the ship the surrender was signed on. It carried MacArthur and all the other U.S. generals and dignitaries. Shortly after that it was released from military service and purchased by Howard Hughes who bought it to learn how to fly this kind of aircraft so he could later fly the Spruce Goose as they were very similar.

The Naval Aviation Museum is a great day outing when visiting the Panhandle. Admission is free except for the IMAX theatre. There are two large buildings, a great restaurant and should you be there in March, you can see the Blue Angels practice...up close...not like a traditional air show. There are also many cockpits of various types of aircraft, mostly fighter jets you can sit in.

Definitely a great day for everyone.

Editors' Note:

The aircraft that Mr. McMartin is referring to is actually a PB2Y Coronado designed by Consolidated Aircraft and utilized by the US Navy during WW2. It is the only preserved aircraft from this fleet. It's design and appearance are quite similar to the Boeing 314 however, it is slightly smaller.

tmb 550 PB2Y Coronado

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