~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |\^/| _| TCA |_ _|\| AIR |/|_ N E T L E T T E R > CANADA < B E T W E E N O U R S E L V E S >_./|\._< for P I O N A I R S | Your crew is: Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson Chief Navigator - Terry Baker tm number 82 date Aug 23rd 1996 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . Vesta sends the final chaptert visiting the Smithsonian - continued from Netletter nr 80 - . The focus is obviously American but they don't ignore everyone else - the prominent position given the Supermarine Spitfire is an example. Sometimes, other countries come into play accidentally; their Curtis P- 40 Warhawk came to the museum after service with a Royal Canadian Air Force squadron, for example. But what it showcases most is simply flight, in all its many forms, in its simplicity and its vast complexity. It's a lasting testament both to our vision, and to our stupidity. Spectacular successes and spectacular failures are part of the story and the Museum also eulogizes many of those lost in the disasters that have marked the science's growth and development. It's a place of many moods, and because so many of the aircraft and accessories are the real thing, it's a place of many ghosts. It's a fabulous place to people-watch. I saw an older man with his hand resting on the clear nose of a Martin B-26 Marauder. I couldn't read the tear on his cheek; it suggested either a happy or sad memory, but obviously it was a profound recollection. I saw a young Japanese couple frozen into stillness beside the gleaming aluminum fuselage of a B-29, the name "Enola Gay" a scant few feet above their heads. I saw kids of all ages ripping around everywhere, but the Museum encourages this. Much of it is "hands-on" and the message is clearly there - this is a place of the future, as well as the past and here, we both encourage unfulfilled dreams, and honour those already achieved. The information about Smithsonian was supplied by - Michael DiCola This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ~-=o0o=-~ . Found on the Internet Delta B727 made emergency landing after it developed engine trouble sending a sizzling hot piece of metal crashing into someones driveway. British Airways shorthaul subsidiary EuroGatwick will operate LGW London Gatwick to Barcelona, Helsinki, Lisbon, Oporto and Glasgow. Landing fees in 1990 US$ - B747 MD80 London Heathrow 6500 1200 Tokyo NAR 6300 1100 Montreal YUL 5200 1800 Paris GDG 4700 1100 New York JFK 1300 220 San Francisco SFO 500 80 ~-=o0o=-~ . Smilie sent in by Alan Rust - Alan runs the following BBS's drop by - "Real Magic BBS" -(604)531-8941, http://www.real-magic.com/ "ACRA Airline BBS" -(604)541-1878, http://www.mortimer.com/acra Microsoft Tech Support Saves the Day There was a pilot flying a small single engine charter plane, with a couple of very important executives on board. He was coming into Seattle airport through thick fog with less than 10m visibility when his instruments went out. So he began circling around looking for landmark. After an hour or so, he starts running pretty low on fuel and the passengers are getting very nervous. Finally, a small opening in the fog appears and he sees a tall building with one guy working alone on the fifth floor. The pilot banks the plane around, rolls down the window and shouts to the guy "Hey, where am I? To this, the solitary office worker replies "You're in a plane." The pilot rolls up the window, executes a 275 degree turn and proceeds to execute a perfect blind landing on the runway of the airport 5 miles away. Just as the plane stops, so does the engine as the fuel has run out. The passengers are amazed and one asks how he did it. "Simple" replies the pilot, "I asked the guy in that building a simple question. The answer he gave me was 100 percent correct but absolutely useless, therefore that must be Microsoft's support office and from there the airport is just a while away." ~-=o0o=-~ . That's it for this time, please we need your input, send comments and email addresses of any others who may be interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry. -!- Landing on an Island in the Pacific. _____(~)_____ ! ! ! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <<<>>> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ................................................... . GREETINGS FROM . . Vancouver Island . . BEAUTIFUL B.C. CANADA . ...................................................

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