Jack Morath, Pionair Social Director, LHR, sent this information; friends of his were passengers on the aircraft.

Incident on Turkish Airlines Airbus A330 at Newark on August 7, 2021, on ATC instruction; rejected takeoff from taxiway.

A Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-300, registration TC-JNI (photo below), performing flight TK-30 (scheduled departure August  6, 2021, actual departure August 7, 2021) from Newark, New Jersey to Istanbul, Turkey, was cleared for takeoff from runway 22R, but lined up taxiway P and commenced the takeoff.

Tower cancelled the takeoff clearance, advising the crew they were on taxiway P. The crew rejected takeoff, and was instructed to taxi to the holding point runway where the aircraft held for about 45 minutes to have the brakes cool down.

The captain subsequently announced they had rejected takeoff for a mechanical problem. The aircraft finally departed from runway 22R one hour after the rejected takeoff from taxiway P.

The aircraft landed safely in Istanbul with about 1:40 hour delay about 9:20 hours after the takeoff from runway 22R.

tmb 550 tc jni
Photo by Björn Strey at commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File

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