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With permission, an extract from a blog by Larry Milberry posted February 19, 2016.

Wardair had Canada’s first B-727 – the world-famous CF-FUN. “FUN” was the first of many B-727's to be flown by such other Canadian operators as Air Canada, CP Air, Air Transat, Cargojet, FirstAir, Kelowna Flightcraft, PWA, Quebecair and Royalair. Cargojet of Hamilton operated a fleet of 12 of these gorgeous, reliable, profit-making 'Three Holers', but now their fleet consists of 9 B-757's and 19 B-767's all in a cargo configuration.

Christened 'Cy Becker', in honour of one of Max Ward’s pioneer bush flying heroes, “FUN” was delivered to Edmonton on March 25, 1966.

'FUN' signaled the end in the Wardair fleet of the classic Douglas prop liners. Soon, Wardair was known for its ever-growing jetliner fleet of the one B-727, B-747's, DC-10's and A310's. Although Wardair eventually faded from the airline scene, one often hears laments for this great company. No one who ever flew on Wardair ever forgets the company’s impeccably turned-out airplanes and the world-class cabin service – chinaware and silverware included. 

Source: canavbooks.wordpress.com/category/boeing-727 

Editors' Note: For information on the history of 'FUN' after leaving Wardair, see Wayne's Wings article from NetLetter #1336

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facebook logo 100x100From the CP Air Employees Facebook page.

tmb cpa concorde shirtCraig Austin Shipman posted this on September 8, 2021.

Just for fun I designed a shirt for myself as if CP had operated Concorde. (Not for sale, just for fun!)

tmb info canadian

From the "InfoCanadi>n" magazine.

Issue dated February 9, 1989
tmb sales reps 25 years

About half of the company's sales reps and managers have now taken a professional selling skills course, in progress since last October. It teaches innovative ways to capture new business.

Participants in this recent session held in Toronto were, from left, Steve Lemesurier and Ed James, Toronto; Diane Foresto, Thunder Bay; Elena Atalmi, Montreal; Joao B. Leal DaCosta, Sao Paulo; Eileen Dillard, New York; Milton Triska, Toronto; Tanyce Westgard, Vancouver; Steven Dodge, Halifax; Bjarne Timm, Copenhagen; Barry Davis, London; Patricio Murphy, Buenos Aires.

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Alan Palmer, captain B-737 (right) and brother Bob, first officer B-737, recently crewed the same flight to Kamloops, their home town.

Though the brothers have flown together before, this was the first time to Kamloops. Their mother greeted them at the airport.