Recovery Operation Of Transair Flight 810 Raises Wreckage And Cargo.

The National Transportation Board (NTSB) announced on November 2, 2021 that an insurance-funded recovery operation has successfully retrieved both flight recorders, all major components of the first-generation Boeing 737-200 freighter operated as Transair Flight 810 and its cargo.  The NTSB has shared in the recovery effort, with a team of investigators on board the salvage vessels.

Along with both halves of the severed fuselage and its two JT8D engines, all eight cargo containers were recovered—six from the aft section of the fuselage and two more that were located on the sea floor separate from the wreckage. An additional cargo pallet was recovered during a previous salvage expedition.

Source: AVweb.com 

Editors' Note: The aircraft ditched in the Pacific due to engine problems shortly after takeoff from Honolulu, en route to Maui, on July 1, 2021. The B-737-200C operating that flight was originally delivered to Pacific Western Airlines as C-GDPW in October 1975 and spent its first 20 years with PWA and Canadian Airlines.

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octocopterJapan has issued a type certificate for the Skydrive crewed octocopter and the company says it plans to have an air taxi service using a larger aircraft by 2025. It’s the first type certificate for a so-called “flying car” and was issued for the SD-03. The project is backed by Toyota.

It’s a single-seat vehicle that looks like a cross between a drone and a helicopter. It can go 30 MPH and only flies for about 10 minutes. The air taxi service will operate in the densely populated Osaka Bay area.

The company already operates a commercial drone service that flies payloads of up to 75 pounds to remote worksites in mountainous areas.

Source: AVweb.com 

Lynx Air.

lynx air emblemA new Canadian airline announced its planned launch joining an increasingly crowded field of carriers jockeying for budget-minded travellers as the country emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic.

At an event at the Calgary International Airport, its new headquarters, start up Lynx Air announced its intention to begin flying sometime in 2022. 

Lynx will combine low fares, a fleet of brand-new Boeing 737 aircraft (featuring leading-edge fuel-efficient technology and big overhead bins) and great customer service to create an exceptional travel experience.

Lynx, formerly known as Enerjet, a Calgary-based charter airline that announced in 2018 that it intended to transform itself into a commercial discount carrier, has some experienced aviation industry players behind it. The privately held company was founded by an investor group headed by Tim Morgan, a former senior executive at WestJet Airlines Ltd.

McArthur said Tuesday that Lynx will operate under the ultra-low-cost carrier model, which means passengers will be offered basic, bare-bones discount fares and then be charged extra for additional services like checked bags and cancellations. 

Source: MSN.com

Click the image below to view YouTube videographer, Alex Praglowski's, video on LynxAir.

tmb 550 lynx air

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