~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |\^/| _| TCA |_ _|\| AIR |/|_ N E T L E T T E R > CANADA < B E T W E E N O U R S E L V E S >_./|\._< for P I O N A I R S | Your crew is: Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson Chief Navigator - Terry Baker tm number 103 date November 28th 1996 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . Pickings from the District Newsletters - Atlantic Canada Nova Scotia (Mainland) District meet on the first Wednesday of each month, unless it falls on a statutory holiday. No meetings planned for Jul, Aug or Sept. Annual General Meeting on December 4th at Armdale Yacht Club 11:00 - 12:00 Guest speaker - Michael Nuschke of Fortune Finacial Inc. We are reminded that the Pass Bureau states the imprinted passes are only valid for 90 days, and must be destroyed at years end. Ottawa District Sunday brunches are held on the second Sunday of each month at The Place Next Door, Rideau Street. These are informal gatherings, Call Jess Rougeau at 841-7091 for details. As well as the weekly 'Koffee Klatsches' on Fridays. Bob Robbins tells us that - Anywhere from one to as many as ten Pionairs gather in the Family Restaurant in the Carlingwood Shopping Centre at 1000 hours. Cam Evans is a "regular" We gab for an hour and are never at a loss for topics - most of them to do with AC past or present. The other day our Pionair table was hot into some topic (at the moment I can't remember what it was!). After about 45 minutes a lady got up from her nearby table, turned to us saying "I'm sorry I have to go - I really enjoyed the meeting!" First she stunned us. Then we had a good laugh. The Ottawa District, one of 12 Pionair Districts, cover the Eastern Ontario Triangle from Belleville to the Quebec border near Alexandria, Northwest to Mattawa along the Ottawa River, then South to Belleville. If you have lost contact with a fellow worker who now resides in this area, why not contact the Ottawa District, there are 249 retirees as Pionairs. Every year Districts have a great number of social and volunteer activities - UK District took a one day cruise on the Thames, and a group visited Quebec City's annual Winter Carnival. Monteal Pionairs attended an Expo ball game, and supported the 'Dreams Take Flight'. Toronto Pionairs enjoyed a 'steamboat' excursion on Lake Ontario. U.S. Pionairs held their AGM at the Banff resort. Vancouver and Vancouver Island Pionairs supported the 'Dreams Take Flight'. ~-=o0o=-~ . Found on the Internet AirTransat (Canada) operates the following fleet - (8) L1011-200 with 362 passengers. (7) B757-200ER with 228 passengers. Included in the recent order by American Airlines are reportedly 75 737s (which AA has never flown before), 4 767s, 12 757s, and 12 777s. The company will reportedly shed its existing mixed fleet of Airbus, McDonell Douglas, and Fokker planes. American Airlines has obtained "purchase rights" for 527 additional jets during the more than 20 year period, thus providing it with very cost-effective means of replacing virtually its entire current fleet during the term of the agreement. The agreement includes the following aircraft: Aircraft Model Firm Order Purchase Rights Total Order Delivery (1998-2018) -------------- ----- -------- --------------- ----- 777 12 1998-2001 38 50 767-300ER 4 1998 26 30 757-200 12 1998-1999 38 50 737-600/700/800 75 1998-2001 425 500 Total 103 527 630 Airbus Industries - The A319, A320 and A321 feature fly-by-wire flight controls to reduce pilot workload, protect against windshear, stalling or overspeeding, reduce mechanical complexity and improve smoothness and stability. More than 1,100 of all three types have been ordered by 54 customers. Over 600 are in operation worldwide. In North America, Air Canada, America West, Canada 3000, Canadian International, Midway, Northwest and United operate the Airbus single-aisle airplanes. ~-=o0o=-~ . Interline stuff Some Family Affaire sell-offs - Vancouver - Hong Kong now CA$599 Montreal - Pointe-a-Pitre now CA$229 Toronto - St. Lucia now CA$229 Toronto - Antigua now CA$229 Calgary - Houston now CA$99 Vancouver - San Fransico now CA$99 Vancouver - Los Angeles now CA$99 all taxes, customs & immigrations charges extra. Call Winnipeg Call Centre for details 1-900-413-1113 Have you ever had to deal with illness or other health emrgencies in a foreign country? The Ottawa Pionair Newsletter suggests you check out IAMAT - International Association of Medical Assistance to Travellers. Anyone can belong to IAMAT, no charge for membership. Members receive a directory of IAMAT physicians in 125 countries, plus a wide variety of material such as a Traveller Clinical Record, World immunization charts, Malaria risk charts and other aids for world travellers, especially if visiting 'developing' countries. Contact IAMAT at 40, Regal Road, Guelph, Ontario, N1K 1B5 Atlantic Canada newsletter gives us the following facts about the Employee Call Centre - 36 full time agents assigned with an average week of 8,000 calls. 1,300 are business, 1,700 are Family Affaire and 5,000 others. Call volume is higher than last year due to the increase use of Nominated/Partner passes. Having all the required information BEFORE you call will help reduce the number of calls and the waiting time which ranges from immediate to over two hours. Fax requests are handled on (209)941-2231, over 100 per day are handled. Requests for prices or call backs are not normally accepted. Departure tax - Cuba US$11 per person Venezuela US$26 per person Jamaica US$18 per person Dominican Republic US$10 per person ~-=o0o=-~ . That's it for this time, please we need your input, send comments and email addresses of any others who may be interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry. -!- Landing on an Island in the Pacific. _____(~)_____ ! ! ! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <<<>>> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ................................................... . GREETINGS FROM . . Vancouver Island . . BEAUTIFUL B.C. CANADA .

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