~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ __/\__ \ / |/\| "( )&& ( )""""& &&&&&( )"" &&&( )""""& """"&&&&&( )&& &&&"""""""&&( ) ( )&&&&&&&&&&""""" &&&&&( )"""""&&&( )& ( )&&""""""&&( )&&&&&&&&& """"""( )&&&&&&( )&&&&( )& ( )&&&"""""""""&&&&&&&( )&& &&&&&( )&&&&&&&&"""""""&&&&&( ) /\___/\ &( )&&&&&&&&( )&&&&&&&"""&&&&&& | o o | )&&&&&( )&&&&""""""___\|/___&&&&&& __\_^_/__ ___\|/___ &&&&& | ||| |&""&&& _|___\|/_____ _| . |_ |___|||___| |__|||__|||_| ||| | (__\___/__) |_____|||_____| Christmas greetingsa from Vesta and Terry. NetLetter 'Between Ourselves' number 111 date December 18th 1996 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . Chief Navigator - Terry - nipping away for Christmas & New Year, so no Netletter for awhile. Any communications please cc to Vesta during this time please. . Dates to remember - Thursday December 19th COMOX Kingfisher Inn Friday December 20, 1996 YOW KoffeeKlatsches Family Carlingwood Wednesday December 25, 1996 MERRY CHRISTMAS Thursday December 26, 1996 SAINT JOHN Lunch TBA Friday December 27, 1996 YOW KoffeeKlatsches Family Carlingwood Wednesday January 1, 1997 HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 1997 Thursday January 2, 1997 DORVAL CSS LUNCH Chenoy's Pte Claire Friday January 3, 1997 YOW KoffeeKlatsches Family Carlingwood Wednesday January 8, 1997 YHZ lunch Armdale Yacht Club Friday January 10, 1997 YOW KoffeeKlatsches Family Carlingwood Sunday January 12, 1997 YOW Brunches PlaceNextDoor 320 RideauSt Wednesday January 15, 1997 YHZ lunch Armdale Yacht Club. Thursday January 16, 1997 COMOX Kingfisher Inn . GisŠle Fyfe-Burke sends this information - Just to let you know that the PC Timetable on the Internet is valid now from Dec 13 to Oct 26 1997. regards GisŠle Fyfe-Burke - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Clint Ward sends us this familiar tale - 'Spent 45 minutes on the company line yesterday trying to register for a flight. The messages you listen to never mention, "retirees". You hear such things as "press three if you are an active employee" and "if you are an active employee, you can use the fax line", etc. When I finally got through, I asked about that and was informed that retirees should do what they say an "active" employee can do. Perhaps you could check that out through your sources.' (Any thoughts on this Fraser? - eds) . Jack Morgan send us his thoughts about the Canadi>n issue - 'Glad to see the airline (AIR CANADA) doing so well but afraid that the gov'ts solution is to destroy AIR CANADA to stabilize Canadi>n. We are still being treated like a crown corporation, and I would like to see AIR CANADA take out full page ads in the major dailies making sure that everybody understands that there are thousands of share holders who are proud of what has been accomplished when we (AIR CANADA) were faced with the same revenue challenges as Canadi>n'. ~-=o0o=-~ . Found on the internet Air Canada became the first North American airline operator of the cost efficient and customer-friendly Airbus A319. Air Canada has ordered 35 of the 112 seat aircart to replace the DC9, and will be the largest Airbus fleet operator. The A319 will burn 32% less fuel than the DC9, carries 37% more cargo, 20% more passengers at almost twice the range of the DC9. Continental Airlines start daily non-stop flights from Houston to Lima, Peru and Newark, New York to Panama City then onward to Guayaquil, Ecuador. Boeing's Renton Assembly plant was transformed into a B737 theme park on Dec 10th as 50,000 employees, guest and airline customers got the first glimpse of a new version of the B737 series. ValuJet are rumoured to be buying MD-95 jetliners. Jet Airways, India's largest airline not government controlled ordered (4) B737-400 and (6) B737-800. Atlantic Southeast Airlines pilots are staging a slowdown which could disrupt holiday plans. Lufthansa report 92 flights disrupted during a recent walk out by employees over a pay dispute. Air Traffic Controllers strikes are affecting flight movements in Kenya. T.A.P. Portugals airline has restarted the Lisbon - Boston route. M.E.A., the Middle East Airline is making a comeback after the civil war in Lebanon. Airbus Industries is targeting the ad-hoc charter cargo market with its Super Transport A300-600ST freighter nicknamed "Beluga'. A fully restored Vickers Viscount, resplendant in the red and white colours of Capital Airlines is a resident at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum at Reading, Pennsylvania. ~-=o0o=-~ . Interline stuff The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade has reviewed its Information Report for France issued on 15 August 1996 and advises Canadians that due to recent terrorist attacks in France, we recommend that Canadian travellers exercise caution and prudence, especially while travelling on public transportation facilities (i.e. subway) or walking near well- frequented street markets and other tourist sights (i.e. Eiffel Tower). Incidents of physical aggression against foreigners are infrequent. Paris is safe to explore during the day; however, like any large urban centre, travellers should exercise normal safety precautions and ensure their valuables are secure against theft, especially in crowded places such as airports, train stations and while travelling on public transportation facilities. A photocopy of personal documents should be kept in a separate place in case of loss. Canadians travelling by rental vehicle should be vigilant, particularly in southern France, due to the high incidence of vehicle break-ins. Avoid leaving valuables in the vehicle and use secure parking facilities, especially overnight. The Air Canada employee and retiree CHIP program is now in place. This is a permanent record of information related to travel entitlement for the employee/retiree, of his/her eligible family members and travel partners. The CHIP record will be used by the Winnipeg Call Centre, and other ticketing agents, to achieve consistant, accurate and faster bookings. CHIP will also be used to track electronically the use of travel entitlements, rendering usage of paper vouchers obsolete. The CHIP auto-decrements restricted pass/ticket allotments upon ticket issuance. For any objections on family/partner eligibility, pass allotments, priority to be used or other information contained in the record, contact Industry Travel, c/o Irene Vazalinskas. When in a foreign country resist the temptation to communicate with your hands. Some common North American gestures can cause embarrassment. For example, the thumbs-up sign is akin to 'the finger'; while in Spain that gesture can indicate allegiance with the Basque separatist movement. The OK sign is an obscene gesture in Uruguay, Spain and Brazil, but in Japan the sign will indicate to the cashier that you want your change in coins. ~-=o0o=-~ . A few chuckles for you found by Terry - Actual Newspaper Headlines (collected by journalists) ========================================== 1. Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says 2. Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers 3. Safety Experts Say School Bus Passengers Should Be Belted 4. Drunk Gets Nine Months in Violin Case 5. Survivor of Siamese Twins Joins Parents 6. Farmer Bill Dies in House 7. Iraqi Head Seeks Arms 8. Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus? 9. Stud Tires Out 10. Prostitutes Appeal to Pope 11. Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over 12. Soviet Virgin Lands Short of Goal Again 13. British Left Waffles on Falkland Islands 14. Lung Cancer in Women Mushrooms 15. Eye Drops off Shelf ~-=o0o=-~ . That's it for this time, please we need your input, send comments and email addresses of any others who may be interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry. -!- Landing on an Island in the Pacific. _____(~)_____ ! ! ! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <<<>>> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ................................................... . GREETINGS FROM . . Vancouver Island . . BEAUTIFUL B.C. CANADA . ...................................................

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