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Found in 'Horizons' magazine

Issue dated February 2003

Airbags installed on AC's Airbus fleet.

Tech Services crews in Montreal have been installing AmSafe airbag seatbelts on Air Canada's A319 and A320 aircraft since November 2002, and complete the retrofit project with the last new delivery, fin #298.

All future Airbus aircraft A340-500/600 and A320 will come delivered with this system factory installed. Here are the Montreal Technical Services employees who worked on installing AmSafe airbag seatbelts.

Front row, left to right: Pierre-Yves Léger, Laki Makavita, Kirk Batt, Linda Kudzman, Tania Tzirtziganis, Sophie Ferigutti (in front of Tania), Sean Hailstone.

Middle row, same order: Ron Conlon, Christopher Linch, Henry Friess, Jean-Francois Leblanc, Constantin Deguise, André Boileau.

Back row: Richard Hébert, Richard Nelson and Andrew Armstrong.

Missing: Sylvain Brodeur.

tmb 550 airbag installers

Opened in July 1996, the Saint John, New Brunswick Call Centre with some 450 employees.

tmb saint john call centreHere are some of the agents from Saint John Call Centre, left to right: Shannon March, Tammy Furlotte, Erika Levesque, Sara Shackleton (behind Erika), Connie McIntyre and Charlene Pelletier.

Issue dated May 2003

DC-3 - a reliable workhorse

The DC-3 was developed by Douglas followed its early successes with the DC-1 (Douglas Commercial one) in 1933, and the DC-2 in 1934.

The first DC-3 was delivered to American Airlines in 1936, after American asked Douglas for an aircraft that could carry more passengers than the 14-seater DC-2's, and that could fly greater distances.

The DC-3 proved to be the first truly economical airliner, and was considered one of the most reliable and trouble-free aircraft ever built.  By the Second World War, 90 per cent of all airline travel in the U.S. was on this type of aircraft. The last DC-3 was built in 1946 for Swissair.

Trans-Canada Air Lines purchased its first DC-3 in 1945; thirty operated between 1945 and 1963. Canadian Pacific Air Lines operated 17 until the late '50s. The DC-3 could fly at 165 mph, and had a range of 1,500 miles. Typical passenger capacity was between 21 and 28.

Following information from the Air Canada Pocket Guide:

  • TCA first DC-3, CF-TDJ fin #357 c/n 6261 was delivered September 22, 1945. Sold to Goodyear October 4, 1948.
  • The final DC-3, CF-TER fin #390 c/n 12253 was delivered April 3, 1947. Sold to Department of Transport, Ottawa June 17, 1958.
  • None were lost in any accident while in service with Trans-Canada Air Lines.
tmb 550 cf tdm

The members of the City Sales Office team in Zurich.

From left to right: Oliver Simon, Sales Marketing Manager, Germany, Switzerland and Austria; Andrea Rohner, Customer Services Representative; Isabelle Knoblauch, Sales & Marketing Manager, Switzerland; Werner Schulz, Customer Services Representative.

Missing: Mona Kransic, Customer Services Representative.

tmb 550 swiss sales staff

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