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It's about the people!

We are a different breed, us aviation people.

Whenever I get together with past colleagues and new friends, I am amazed at what characters they are, myself included (of course)! Everyone has stories to tell, usually with a wry sense of humour.

 At a recent Pionairs' Coffee Club meeting, I was asked what The NetLetter is all about. The question actually caught me off guard because I have never really thought about it.

However, my response came to me very quickly.

It's about the people!

In the moment, I think that what came to mind was a Stores (aka Purchasing & Supply) print newsletter, originating in YUL, titled 'Parts & Pieces' with the slogan:

'A Newsletter for Stores People - by Stores People'.  

tmb 550 parts pieces

tmb Frank PedderIt fascinates me that there are people I have known for 40 years (or more) but have never actually met in person. Acquaintance was always by telephone or email (at one time, teletype) messages. 

For twenty years, Parts & Pieces put faces to the names and helped stockkeepers, communicators, expediters as well as managers and clerks feel familiar with each other and part of a larger family.

For most of its life cycle Frank Pedder was the chief editor. Frank encouraged contributions from other Stores points including YYZ (Earle Coffin, Les Stevenson & Ken Biggers) YWG (Linus Endicott) and YVR (Ann Senko, Ted White & Julian Ireland).  Apologies to those not mentioned, the list is very, very long.

As time passed and Frank was approaching his retirement in December 2003, he sent out a heartfelt issue thanking everyone for their participation over the years. He had hoped that a new editor would assume the job of editor but it did not happen. 

I contacted Frank and, happily, he is enjoying an active retirement as he explains below:

"Our camping season is coming to an end with our 35 foot motorhome. Great retirement so far since 2004. I am still working part time driving a minibus for a 50 + club in Lachine Non Profit (THE TEAPOT) and Chartwell, which is a seniors retirement home so I am keeping busy at 80."

The NetLetter wishes to say thank you to Frank and all the other contributors to Parts & Pieces. We plan to include several excerpts in our upcoming issues.

At left, a caricature of Frank upon his retirement by Ken Biggers

Below, Frank receiving best wishes from a few notables.  


Frank Pedderfriends
Frank with Pierre Jeanniot (top left), Hollis Harris (top right) and Bruce Aubin (bottom). 

pdf download50x47Click the icon to view Frank' 'thank you' edition.

pdf download50x47Click the Icon to view one of the original copies of 'Parts & Pieces (bilingual edition) from December 1983.

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