~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |\^/| _| TCA |_ _|\| AIR |/|_ N E T L E T T E R > CANADA < B E T W E E N O U R S E L V E S >_./|\._< for P I O N A I R S | Your crew is: Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson Chief Navigator - Terry Baker tm number 137 date March 23rd 1997 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . Welcome to Brian Burrows now living in Pickering, Ontario after working in Dorval as Radio Operator, then Toronto with Res III. Email Brian at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ~-=o0o=-~ . Contrary to the information in the March 'Horizons', the golf tournament being hosted by the Okanagan group is the Second Annual Pionairs System Golf Tournament NOT the local Pentiction District tournament and is open to ALL. One of the door prizes will be two space available system passes donated by Cathay Pacific Airways. Tournament gets underway June 17/18th at the Penticton Golf and Country Club. Entry fee CA$60 includes box lunch, prizes & trophies golf and banquet on the 17th. Carts available at CA$13 p.p. Accommodations at CA$51 per room + tax at Sandman Inn, 1-800-726-3626. When making reservations quote ref: G3343. More information from Don Graham (250)492-6045. Make cheques to Don payable to Air Canada Pionairs in trust, send to #109-801 Comox Street, Penticton, BC. V2A 8G5. ~-=o0o=-~ . Since 1983, Frank Pedder, working in the Stores division of the Purchasing & Supply Department at Dorval, has been producing a bi-monthly newsletter called 'Parts & Pieces' a newsletter for Stores people - by stores people. For the past 5 years, Frank has been the sole editor and producer of the newsletter. Unfortunately, due to a recent illness, Frank will have no time to continue producing this publication. As Frank has had no response to his repeated requests to recruit a new editor and reporters for 'Parts & Pieces', the newsletter will cease being produced. Frank is hopeful that the youth of the Stores branch will see forward enough to document the history so that they may reflect on their accomplishments and dreams in the future. Those of you who have 'connections' with the Stores division may be interested in obtaining a video which contains photographs from past editions of 'Parts & Pieces'. The video contains employees photos from the past 35 years, with 21 people who, sadly are no longer with us, 138 employees who have retired or transferred to other Air Canada areas and some 389 active employees. Cost of the video is CA$20. So take a walk down memory lane for all past and present Purchasing and Facilities people'. Email Frank at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ~-=o0o=-~ . Gord Hykle sends part 3 of his memories of radar at Winnipeg.- One of the features of the old radar was its ability to track aircraft. They would show up on the Circular screen. Later, after following the flights on radio--range let-down procedures we actually steered the flights in accordance with the range charts. We could see the range towers on the screen and would let them know when they had reached the cone of silence. We didn't have the means to determine their height so from that point on they were on their own. We always did these activities in cavu weather but it was still very impressive. More next time. ~-=o0o=-~ . Found on the internet - Recently, a passenger was boarding an Air Transat flight and, at door of the aircraft, she rudely refused to present her boarding pass saying she did not need done. The in-charge flight attendant reacted in a polite and stern manner and had her removed from the aircraft and she was refused carriage. The tears and bawling did her no good as she watch the aircraft depart. Canada's newest carrier expects to be in the air by the end of May. The company will be known as VistaJet and will commence operations with a B737-200 and will add 2 B737-200 by August. Operating out of Toronto (YYZ) the company has not devulged their planned routes. NWT Air has ceased flying from Vancouver to Whitehorse. CONCORDE, 21 years later - On Jan 21st 1976 the Concorde made its first commercial flight from London Heathrow to Bahrain. At an operational altitude of 50,000 feet, the fuselage stretches 10 inches and reaches a temperature of 127 degrees C, at which point the speed is 2,055 feet per second. There is no corrosion as the heat at 1,350 mph prevents any accummulation of moisture (surely something some car drivers attempt to achieve! eds) Captains of the British Airways Concorde fleet have pooled their resourses to buy a yacht which is moored off Long Island so they can pass time pleasantly during layovers. For all you golf addicts - the longest putt in golf history was on a Concorde. A 12 second putt will travelled 5 miles! In 1992, 50 passengers each paid the equivilent of CA$27,500 to fly around the world in 33 hours which included 6 stops for refuelling. The plane flew east to west and from Portugal was in permenant daylight. British Airways have grounded their Boeing B777 fleet for 10 days due to engine problems. KLM have ordered 4 Boeing 777-800. KLM and its pilots are in a labour dispute which could ground the airlines. TAP - Air Portugal could cancel some of its flights if its pilots decide to avoid working overtime. Kenya Airways acquired 4 Boeing B737-300 for a daily service between Amsterdam and Nairobi. Air Zambabwe are in the midst of a pilots strike. The pilot of an Airbus airliner which crashed, killing 3 people, during a 1988 airshow has been sentenced to 6 months jail for manslaughter with another 12 months suspended. ~-=o0o=-~ . Interline stuff. AirBC is dropping routes to Dawson Creek, Penticton, Castlegar, Cranbrook and Nanaimo. These filghts will be operated by Central Mountain Air with Air Canada flight numbers. At this time we have no information regarding contingent travel. Special Family Affaire sell-offs. Toronto - Dallas CA$99 plus tax. Valid non stops only. Travel must be completed by Jun 13th. Advance purcahse 14 days prior departure. Reservations MUST be through Employee Call Centre. 1-800-413-1113. Alberta Citylink ID50 travel min fare CA$50 ow, CA$100 rtn. Exchange of personal trip pass on an unlimited basis, separate trip pass must be imprinted. Same ticket may not be used for combined services AC/AC regionals and Alberta Citylink. Zonal employee discount fares applicable. Celebrity Cruises. Zenith - 7 night S.Caribbean Apr 5, 19 from US$399 Horizon - 7 night Deep Caribbean Apr 5,19 from US$399 Century - 7 night E.Caribbean Apr 12 from US$499 Meridan - 7 night Bermuda Apr 5,12,19 from US$499 Meridan - 8 night San Juan to FLL Mar 28 from 499 Horizon - 15 night Panama Canal Apr 26 from US$899 Galaxy - 10 night Alaska May 6 from US$799 Prices pp dbl. Call 1-800-345-7576 for more details. Panama Canal Sailings - Standby fares only, Inside from US$65 pp dbl per day. Outside from US$80 pp dbl per day. Royal Caribbean lines - Song of America - 7 nights San Juan - New York Apr 27 fr US$499. Viking Serenade - 3 night Baja Mexico - LAX return fr US$199. Song of America - 14 night Canal Los Angeles - San Juan fr US$499. Soverign of the Seas - 3 night Bahamas - Mia return fr US$249. Legend of the Seas - 11 night Honolulu - Vancouver fr US$1399. Spendour of the Seas - 13 night San Juan - Barcelona US$999. Monarch of the Seas - 7 night S.Caribbean fr US$649. Legend of the Seas - 7 night Alaska vacation YVR-YVR fr US$899. Prices pp dbl. Call Paula at 1-800-665-3100 for details. Land tours of Egypt - 11 day Cairo, Luxor & Nile cruise US$1438 pp dbl. 5 day Cairo & Luxor US$705 pp dbl. 8 day Cairo and Nile cruise from US$980 pp dbl. 9 day Cairo, Luxor and Lake Nasser cruise US$1595 pp dbl. 10 day Tour of Splendours from US$1885 pp dbl. ** ** includes positive air from U.S. gateways. Prices include - First class accommodations, all flights within Egypt, all transfers, most meals and sightseeing. Call 1-800-222-1467 for more details. ~-=o0o=-~ . Smilies found - On a small charter plane, immediately after liftoff, the pilot began to open his flight plan. A few seconds later, he turned to his passengers and inquired as to what time it was. After getting the correct time and opening his plan, he tapped his watch and remarked that he was surprised that it had stopped, because he usually changed the batteries in it the same time that he changed the batteries in his pacemaker ! This one went the rounds back when Reagan fired the ATC strikers. This resulted in a lot of inexperienced people taking over key jobs. Supposedly a new controller wound up running the tower at Hartsfield. "Atlanta tower, United 123 is with you." "United 123, you are cleared to land on 27 right." "Atlanta tower, Delta 765." "Delta 765, you are cleared to land on 9 left." After a pause to digest this, we hear.... "Uh... Atlanta, I think you have that United flight and us coming into the same runway in opposite directions?" Another pause.. "Y'all be careful, now, y' hear?" ~-=o0o=-~ . That's it for this time, please we need your input, send comments and email addresses of any others who may be interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry. -!- Landing on an Island in the Pacific. _____(~)_____ ! ! ! <<<>>> Air Canada Pionairs ~Between Ourselves-Netletter~ http://www.mortimer.com/acra mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ................................................... . GREETINGS FROM . . Vancouver Island . . BEAUTIFUL B.C. CANADA . ...................................................

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