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number 164      date June 1st 1997
.   What's On and Where?
to June 15,1997.

Sunday  June 1, 1997                            
ACRA Bowling London, Ont.                           
Monday  June 2, 1997                             
LHR coffee at 11am Harvester Pub Ashford  
ACRA Bowling London,Ont
Tuesday  June 3, 1997
PWK Lunch St Nicholas Hotel                                             YUL
Wednesday  June 4, 1997
Thursday  June 5, 1997
YUL Lunch Chenoy's Pte Claire
Friday  June 6, 1997
YOW KoffeeKlatsches Family Carlingwood Shopping
Saturday  June 7, 1997
London, Ontario International Air Show
Sunday  June 8, 1997
Pionairs & ACRA 2nd Annual Family Day/Olympic Montreal  
YOW Brunches PlaceNextDoor 320 RideauSt  
YXU Air Show contd
Monday  June 9, 1997
UK Theatre "Beauty and the Beast"
Friday  June 13, 1997
YOW KoffeeKlatsches Family Carlingwood Shopping
Saturday  June 14, 1997
ACRA Fishing Derby at Wester's Camp on Lac du Cerf
Sunday  June 15, 1997                            
Fishing Derby Cont'd                           
Paris Air Show, Paris, France 


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. Company history for June -

6th  1943  Vancouver to Victoria service introduced.
1st  1957  Viscount service introduced to Fredericton, Saint John,
Moncton, Halifax, Yarmouth and Boston.
1st  1960  DC8 first introduced to North Atlantic daily to
London England (LHR).
1994  Toronto-Vancouver-Seoul B747 service commenced.
2nd  1995  Air Canada web site on the Internet.
20th 1995  Toronto-Tel Aviv service with B767 aircraft introduced.


. Found on the Internet.

Royal Airlines of Montreal has delivered two Boeing 727 to Dallas
leasing company - Aircorp Inc. Royal has leased two Airbus A310
and purchased a third one as part of their fleet modernization
which now consists of (5) B727, (2) L1011 and (3) A310-300.
The (2) L1011 are leased from Air Canada fin 509 C-FTNI and
fin 511 C-FTNK.
The airline is owned by Dorval QC Royal Aviation Inc.

Air Transat has, amongst its fleet, (3) Lockheed L1011 leased
from Air Canada fin 501 C-FTNA, fin 503 C-FTNC (the original
Haas-Turner aircraft shared with Eastern at one time) and fin
508 C-FTNH.

Air Lanka, Sri Lanka's national airline will be smoke free
effective Jul 1st.

Air Canada will commence direct flights Montreal - San Francisco
effective Jun 29th.

Vesta found this in a Newsgroup:
One of the Blue Angels F-18 aircraft ingested a bird during the
show at Montreal Mirabel (CYMX) this week and had to make an
unscheduled landing during their performance.

Tom Grant found these -
Grounded Cathay fleet to be airborne in 3 weeks
HONG KONG - Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd says it expects
most of its grounded Airbus Industrie A330-300 aircraft to be
back up and running within three weeks.

Record number of airport passengers
A RECORD 230,000 passengers passed through the terminals at
Manchester Airport in the U.K. over the bank holiday weekend.
The eight per cent rise saw passengers departing the airport to a
variety of world-wide destinations.
Majorca, the Costa del Sol and Tenerife were the most popular
holiday sunspots, with Dublin, Paris and Amsterdam proving to be
the top city break destinations.


. Interline stuff.

The following grid will assist in determining tax etc on passes  -
Taxes and fees are applicable on all service charge passes
including Parent, Partner and nominated passes.

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8 
Dom trvl in Can.       x   x
Dom orig in QC         x   x   x
US Border              x   x           x   x   x
To Hawaii                              x   x   x
UK/Intl, intra Eur                                  x
Tickets issued in US
Canada trans border   x           x       x   x
Caribbean                             x
Europe & Asia                         x   x   x    x
Tickets iss outside N.A.
Trvl to US                            x   x   x
UK/Intl, intra Eur                                 x

Rates: 1. (CA) Air Transportation Tax ............ 7% + CA$6.00
2. (XG) G.S.T.  ........................... 7%
3. (XQ) Quebec GST  ....................... 6.5%
4. (US) US Transport Tax  ................. 10%
5. (US) US Departure Tax  ................. US$6.00
6. (XY) US Inspection Fee  ................ US$6.00
7. (YC) US Federal Customs Fee  ........... US$6.50
8. (GB) UK Airport Duty Tax  .............. GBP10.00

The Canadian Air Transportation Tax on Transborder travel will
apply at 5% + CA$400.

Source CIC Chap 80/80.

Cargo shipments for 1997.

Vouchers for cargo discounts will no longer be used.
Upon presentation of the employee/retiree ID card at an Air Canada
Cargo Office, Active and Retiree employees are allowed to ship
personal goods (4)four times a year from Jan 1st to Nov 14th.
Applicable discounts are:
Express 60 (50) - Min. chrge. CA$20.00
Air Freight (80) - Min chrge.
CA$6.00 (Domestic & Transborder)
CA$15.00 (Int'l inclg Caribbean)
Discounts apply to first 50 kilos (110 lbs) of the shipment and
excess weight will be subject to normal rates.
Only (1) applicable discount per airwaybill.
Movements of Air Canada and AC Regional carriers only.
Payment prepaid or collect, except AirBC must be prepaid.

Source CIC 80/45.

Canadian Interline Travel Ltd.
Interline Clearance Sale
****Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta****
(Air and Hotels)

- FROM CA$435/US$335 pp dbl

INCLUDES: Positive Space Air, Hotels and Transfers

June 7, 14, 21, 28 (7 nights)
Call 1-800-665-3100 for more information
or mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To have a more comfortable flight in coach class, try and get an
exit row seat, you might sometimes end up with more legroom than
you would in a business class seat. Most airlines don't assign
exit row seats until check-in, so do check-in early and request a
specific exit row seat. It's also good to know that you should
avoid at all cost rows in front of an exit row or a bulkead
because seat backs often don't recline.


. Smilie.

One from the early days of DC-3 airline lore....
New stewardess, captain calls her up to the front office... such as
it was.... welcomes her to the line, asks her if she's ever seen the
autopilot at work. She says no. Well, he said, if you'll go back and
bring us a couple of cups of coffee we'll set George up and you can
see how the autopilot works.... she departs.
The crew detach the flexible windshield defrost hose and tie a glove
around it, placing it on the control wheel.. the glove inflates...
they turn on the autopilot.
The stew comes back into the cockpit with the coffee, and there's
the autopilot with its hand on the controls... moving with the wheel
just like it's actually doing the work.
The stew got real wide-eyed and left the airline soon after.

And one from Vesta -

The other day I overheard two foreigners at the Miami airport. One
was speaking in his native tongue when the other jumped in and said,
"Look, we're in America now.  Speak the language -- Spanish !"


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.
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