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Our crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Chief Navigator  - Terry Baker

number 166      date June 5th 1997

. We welcome the new President of the Pionairs Olie Moore and
wife Mary. They can be emailed at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

. CF-TCC the restored Lockheed 10A will be busy this month -
June 7/8th at Ottawa raising funds for the Dreams take Flight.
14th at Toronto to celebrate the 25th Rapidair Anniversary,
18th at Moncton
20-22nd at P.E.I.
27-29th at Sherbrooke.

. The company will also be busy this month with the launch of several
new routes -
13th  Vancouver - Frankfurt
14th  Vancouver - Zurich
15th  Vancouver - Paris
16th  Halifax - Frankfurt
17th  Toronto - Osaka
28th  Montreal - San Francisco

. To help out Cathay Pacific with their woes over the Trent equipped
Airbus they grounded, Air Canada wet lease an A340-400.

. In response to our survey, Bob Carson tells us -

Hi Terry/Vesta.
Response to your survey is that you guys are doing a great job!!!
(in writing too! - eds)
I have picked up info as well as E-Mail addresses for people that
we lose touch with even when we were working. For example one
person introduced was Don Dowie. He and I were friends at TMR high
school and met up again at Air Canada. He worked for IBM at the
time then  joined Air Canada C&SS. Left AC, went to YYZ then onward
and we lost touch. Twenty years later he appears as an address in
your news letter and now we've been in touch by E-Mail and phone
since then.
(Thanks for the response Bob - that's what it is all about! - eds)


. And George Brien sends us this -

Can't make up your mind on whether to take your umberella??
If you live in the area covered below,  try this  site.
WX radar  updated frequently and covers all of so. Ont/PQ/ New
England/ and states of NY/PA/.
Very accurate view of precip areas.
cheers  George
Site of the 65th Annual Apple Blossem Festival
Kentville NS


. Remember those Vickers Vanguards of ours? Here's some more after
Netletter nr 155 -

One of the few UK airlines to successfully employ some of these
aircraft was Invicta International based at Manston, Kent, UK.
The company used its Vanguards both for freight and passenger work.
Passengers were not particularly impressed by the appearance of
these aircraft, especially as little had been done to disguise
its Canadian connection. The cabin interior still displayed the
gold maple leaf designs, and the exit signs were still duplicated
in French - 20 years ahead of their time for European operations.

CF-TKE (905) sold to Merpati Nusantara Airlines as PK-MVW in 1972,
sold to Air Holdings as G-BAMX in 1972 sent to Southend Jun 6, 1972
for spares and later broken up in 1974.
CF-TKF (906)  sold to Air Holdings in 1972 leased to Invicta
International Airlines as G-AZRE, then sold to Europe Aero Service
as F-BXOF at Perpignan Sept 11, 1975 as spares.
CF-TKG (907) had a checkered career.
Sold to Air Holdings in 1969, converted to freighter, leased Air
Trader as SE-FTH, then Silver City in 1973 as G-AYLD. Sold to
Europe Aero Service in 1973 and registered as F-BUFF, then to
Aerospatiale, leased by Air Gabon as TR-LBA in 1983, sold off to
Inter Cargo Services as F-GEJE, finally crashed at Marseilles
Feb 6th 1989.
CF-TKH Sold to Europe Aero Service in 1972 as F-BTOU. Last flight
Nov 27/75 and broken up at Perpingnan, France.
CF-TKI Sold to Air Holdings in 1972 and stored at Cambridge, UK
and used for static testing then broken up and shipped as
spares to Southend UK May 72.
CF-TKJ Sold to Air Holdings 1969 as G-AX)), leased to Angkasa
Indonesia Civil Air Transport as PK-ICC in 1970 then onto
Invicta International in 1971. Eventually stored at Manston, UK
in May 1973 and broken up in 1977.

More next time!


. Tom Grant found these articles for us -
New-look Qatar Airways offers improved service

Travel agents and media representatives were introduced to the
new-look Qatar Airways recently aboard the airline's new Airbus
A300-600R and fully refurbished Boeing 727's.
The three-year old airline, now under a new management, has
changed its livery, uniforms, routings, frequencies, in-flight
services, reservation proceedings, and even the paperwork in a
massive upgrading exercise that it hopes will put it on a par
with premium carriers.

Emirates, the international airline of the United Arab Emirates,
will push its ambition to be the No 1 carrier in Asia by equipping
its next generation Boeing 777 aircraft with the latest in
multimedia wizardry.
Passengers in all classes will be able to send faxes from their
seats, shop in the air, play interactive video games or watch the
latest movies on personal screens.


. Interline stuff.

Canadian Interline Travel - June Interline Hot Deals!

Alaska Blow Out Interline Sale!
From US$399
Dawn Princess - 7 Nights * June 14 - Vancouver to Anchorage
* June 21 - Anchorage to Vancouver
Sky Princess - 11 Nights * June  26 & July 7, 18,& 29
- San Francisco to Alaska Return
(*from US$699)
Interline Resort Holidays
Aruba, Belize, Mexico, Canary Islands, Fort Lauderdale, Margarita
Islands. <<<<7 Nights US$199>>>>
Interline Alaska Cruises
-Princess Cruises
-Celebrity Cruises
>    -Seabourne Cruises
-Holland America Line
-Norwegian Cruise Line
<<<<7 Nights from US$399>>>>
Interline Canada Tours
- 2 Day Summit Tour - from US$259
- 3 Nights Calgary Stampede - from US$230
- 13 Day Newfoundland & Labrador - from US$899
- 10 Day Canadian Rail Adventure - from US$1249
Interline Europe Cruises
- Greek Isles/Turkey - 7 nights June 15/97 from US$799
- North Cape/Fjords - 12 nights June 18/97 from US$799
- Western Europe - 12 nights   August 29, Sept 22/97, from US$999
- Classic Med - 12 nights   Oct 4, 28/97, from US$899
- Atlantic Discovery - 16 nights   Dec 4/97 from US$749
(Usual Terms and Conditions Apply)
Call Toll Free at: 1-800-665-3100 mention Pionairs.

Tom Anderson has this suggestion -
Has anyone any recommendations re travelling to New Zealand or
any experiences with home exchanges etc? Please send any
information or experiences to share to us.


. Smilies.
Alan Rust dug these up for us -

The Top 10 Signs Your Airline Flight Attendant is About Ready to
10> Always grumbling about how things were much simpler when
Orville and Wilbur ran the business.
9> When pointing to the emergency exits, uses nothin' but the
middle finger.
8> Loudly refers to pilot and co-pilot as "Opie" and "The Beav."
7> At the security checkpoint, the hip sets off the metal
6> As passengers deplane, forgets to say "bye" and just
stands there saying "buh... buh... buh... buh... buh..."
5> After demonstrating the oxygen mask, needs to keep
it on.
4> Uses false teeth to prevent the food cart from rolling
down the aisle.
3> Requests that passengers refrain from using electronic
devices such as Wurlitzers, Victrolas, and telegraphs.
2> Excitedly announces that the in-flight movie will be a
and the Number 1 Sign Your Airline Attendant
is About Ready to Retire...
1> Keeps getting lost on the way to the cockpit.


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.
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