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Our crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Chief Navigator  - Terry Baker

number 168      date June 13th 1997
. Welcome to Gary Johnson, retired from Network Control Toronto
in 1992. Also worked in Winnipeg.
Now living in Oakville, Ontario. Try
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you
want to contact him.


. Air Canada 60th Anniversay -

Following stations planning special events -

Halifax     - Jul 26th
Quebec City - Aug 9th
Montreal    - Aug 23rd
Ottawa      - Sept 6th
Toronto     - Sept 20th
Winnipeg    - Oct  4th

The travelling memorabilia exhibit will also visit various

Air Canada employees and retirees wishing to visit an event at
their nearest station holding a 60th anniversary event will
have the space available charges waived.

Will Pionairs be included in any of these events?


. Vesta sends these two items over -

As part of a BBC documentary on the Red Baron,  Manfred von
Richthofen, we are trying to contact people who have some
specialised interest in him or have a link with him.  This could
include relatives of people who  flew with him or against him,
military or amateur aviators who have studied his techniques,
collectors who have some of his trophies or enthusiasts who have a
replica Fokker red triplane.
If you can help or you know of someone who could we would like to
hear from.
Thanks very much for your help This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After over a year of pussyfooting around, Dutch authorities finally
jailed pilot Wim de Nijs to a mere four months in the slammer for
tying up the radio frequency used by air traffic controllers in
Groningen.  Apparently, De Nijs drowned out the controllers with a
twenty minute serenade consisting of the Flintstones theme song
sung  over and over again.  Geez, you'd think a modern stone-age
airport  would have a second frequency for backup.  One begins to
wonder how  much longer they can keep the Cessnas out of the flight
paths of the  KLM jets.  Four months in jail hardly seems a
deterrent, especially  when in one of those plush Dutch jails.


. Interline stuff.
Visiting Bermuda? Heres the lowdown -

Bermuda has no national airline, but the International airport
is Kindley Field, 12 mls/19 kms from Hamilton.
Currency: Bermuda dollar (BMD)
Documents required: Passport or photo identification for a
maximum stay of 6 months. No visa or
vaccinations required.
Electricity: 110 volts.
Language: English.
Public Holidays: Jun 16 - Queen's birthday.
Jul 31 - Cup Match.
Aug 01 - Sommers Day.
Sep 01 - Labour Day.
Nov 11 Rememberance Day.  
Main island has extensive road network, but foreign vistors are
not permitted to rent of drive cars in Bermuda. However, mopeds
and scooters may be rented as cycle liveries and hotels. A public
bus service operates regularly, and taxis are available.

Airport Taxes: BM$20.00 levied on passengers, ticketable and
collected at time of ticket issue.

More WACA dates -
When       Where              Host   deadline      cost
Aug 01-04  Fantastic Finland  Helsinki  Jul 10   FIM 1150-1500
Sep 18-22  Hungarian Winefest Hungarian 20 Jun   US$310
Sep 20-28  South India Tour   Delhi     25 Aug    tba
Sep 21-27  Buenos Aires       Argentina 22 Aug   US$310

Obtain complete details from your local Interline club.

Tropical destinations -
Grand Cayman from US$269, Jamaica from US$279 and St.Lucia
from US$719. Prices include 3 nights accommodations, all
meals and some beverages.
Central America
San Jose, Costa Rica from US$479, 5 days/4 nights.
South America
Buenos Aires from US$669, 7 days/4 nights accommodations and
Santiago, Chile from US$659, 7 days/4 nights accommodations.
Rio de Janeiro from US$769, 7 days/4 nights accommodations and
breakfast each morning, tour of city
and Sugarloaf and cocktail party.
Lima/Cuzco/Machu Picchu from US$1049, 7 days/4 nights, round
trip confirmed air Lima to Cuzco, train to Machu
Picchu and return to Cuzco, 2 nights accommodation
in Cuzco with breakfast and some tours.
Prices pp dble include spave available air fare.
Call 1-800-422-3727 for more details.


. Found on the Internet.

The work of a Vancouver Island native Indian artist will soon be
souring into the stratosphere as part of an airline's corporate
identity. A new Boeing 757 rolled out of the factory at Renton
recently, bearing the tail image based on a wood carving of a
Meares Island artist, the work, one of 50 images from around
the world to be painted on the airline's 308 aircraft fleet.
(Only in Canada some adverts say - not this time, the airline


French national airline Air France will probably not be privatized
in the next few months as had been expected.
Insiders fear the new government will also order the French airline
to stop its rationalization process, which includes cutting
hundreds of employees from its payroll, and start hiring instead
as a first step toward fulfilling a campaign pledge of creating
70,000 jobs in the public sector.

The British Transport and General Worker Union (T&G) said Monday
May 2 it was to ballot its members on whether to strike to protest
British Airlines' decision to sell its long haul catering
activities. The union, which is representing 9,000 BA ground workers
ranging from baggage handlers to catering staff and check-in agents,
says the result of the ballot will be announced on June 30 with
strikes possible as soon as the next day. The union says the British
airline is becoming a "virtual airline", selling services operated
by a host of subcontractors under a common brand.

Hong Kong's flag carrier Cathay Pacific said that the testing and
certification of modifications to the Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines
powering its Airbus A330-300s are complete and that all 11 of the
aircraft in its fleet will be returned to service by June 13.


. Interline stuff.

Canadian Interline Travel
Note: This Sale ends JULY 1, 1997

AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND (Air and Hotel Pass)

Los Angeles to Sydney and Auckland
Australia - from $499us

New Zealand - from $549us

Includes: Positive Space Air and Hotel Pass

<<<The usual Terms and Conditions apply>>>

Phone 1-800-665-3100 for further information
and mention Pionairs.


. Smilies -

And here they come again!  Yet another installment of the "Squawk

Problem: Lower Rotating Beacon half-full of water.
Solution: Lower Rotating Beacon topped off.

Problem: Approximately 2 each wires in bundle burned.
Solution: Removed and replaced between 1 and 3 wires.

Problem: No 2 engine oil overserviced.
Solution: No 2 engine oil under-overserviced.

Problem: Aircraft climbs like its tired.
Solution: Aircraft rested overnight.  Ground checks OK.

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.
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