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Our crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
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number 169      date June 16th 1997

. Welcome to Rejean Desjardins retired Mechanic, living in Longeuil,
Quebec, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


. Whats on!

Monday  June 16, 1997
PARIS Air Show contd
Tuesday  June 17, 1997
ACRA Softball Winnipeg
Okanagan 2nd Pionair Golf Tournament at Penticton
PARIS Air Show contd
Wednesday  June 18, 1997
Dreams Take Flight @ Moncton
Okanagan Golf contd
PARIS Air Show contd
Thursday  June 19, 1997
Okanagan Golf contd
PARIS Air Show Contd
Friday  June 20, 1997
Dreams Take Flight @ P.E.I.
PARIS Air Show contd
YOW KoffeeKlatsches Family Restaurant Carlingwood
Saturday  June 21, 1997
Dreams Take Flight continues @ P.E.I.
PARIS Air Show contd
Sunday  June 22, 1997
Dreams Take Flight last day @ P.E.I
PARIS Air Show contd


. With reference to the  60th anniversary "family days".
Cory McAdam sends us this information -
Pionairs/retirees are an active part of the planning process and
have reps helping out on almost all locations' planning committees.
Some committees are just getting started, especially for those
locations whose dates are in late August, Sept and Oct, and retirees
will be hearing more about the events close to them through the
netletter to communicate other dates as they are known. So far, we
have also received dates for Newark (July 12 at Liberty Island Park)
and Los Angeles (September 29). Horizons will carry as many dates as
are known at the time it goes to press each month and we are hopeful
that our Pionairs network will also help spread the word.
The exhibit of memorabilia will travel to as many stations as
possible, where dates do not conflict and we can physically
transport it (it will travel largely by truck). To quote Mr. Durrett
in a recent letter to his immediate deputies: "I believe that by
bringing together employees, family members and retirees at their
respective locations, we will create a true feeling of unity and
celebration of our airline's diamond jubilee".
That's all for now, but I'll keep you posted!
Many thanks  Cory McAdam (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
(Cory is co-ordinating the 60th anniversary events -eds)


. Tom Martin sends us some information about London's Heathrow LHR.
Courtesy of my favourite industry magazine - AIRWAYS - this is a
bit more information about Heathrow to add to Terry's piece about
its 50th anniversary.  More than 54 million passengers flew through
the airport last year - equal to the entire population of Britain or
France.  More than 90 airlines use LHR with 1200 aircraft
movements  daily and a landing and takeoff every 90 seconds during
peak periods.  The proposed solution to this overload is a new
terminal designated T5 which would take Heathrow's passenger
capacity up to 80 million a year.  The proponents claim there is no
alternative but to build T5 and that while it would increase
passenger capacity by about 48% it would only increase flights
by 8%.  Public hearings end in 1997 and if approval is received by
late 1998, T5 should be completed in 2003 at a cost of about 1
billion pounds.  BA, Heathrow's biggest operator has asked for
exclusive use of T5 so they can consolidate their existing
operations out of T1 and T4.  Finally, a new 350 million pound
express rail service to Paddington is due to open in June 1998 and
will take 16 minutes to get passengers to town rather than the 50
minutes it now takes via Underground. 80 million passengers a year -
hard to even imagine!
Tom Martin
(Thanks for this update Tom - eds)


. Found on the Internet.

The 42nd edition of the Paris Air Show, started Sunday June 15th
will be a tame one.
No revolutionary new aircraft is expected to be launched this year.
European manufacturer Airbus Industries will be launching both a
long range and a very long range version of its A340 aircraft, the
A340-600 and A340-500 respectively. Competitor Boeing will also
launch a very long range B777 derivative, the B777-200X.
No large aircraft order is expected either, except for a 67 aircraft
strong one from American Eagles. The American Airlines regional
subsidiary will make public during the show its choice of
manufacturer for its first jet aircraft. Contenders are Canadair
with its RJ and Embraer with its EMB-145.


. Interline stuff.

Latest version of the Air Canada PC Timetable was updated June 11th.

Reminder -
From the Sentinel - Montreal Pionairs Newsletter Spring edition -
If you or your relatives or friends are planning a cruise
vacation through either Canadian Interline Travel or Dargal Tours
be sure to tell them you are (or are referred by) a Pionair and
ask to be recorded in their Air Canada ROYALTY REWARD PROGRAM.
Through this agreement, these companies pay 1% of all such
revenue to the Pionairs organization and in order for the
to benefit, you must let them know of your connection with the
Pionairs organization.

And while we tell you about cruises, don't forget the excellent
cruise hosted by former National President of Pionairs Fraser Muir
and his wife. Departing YVR Sept 22 thru Oct 10 to Ft. Lauderdale
on the Crown Princess through the Panama Canal, AND followed by
7 nights at the Vacation Village resort AND a standby pass on
Air Canada to get you home.
Prices start at US$1299 pp dbl plus US$269 port charges.
Now you can't beat that - but don't forget to plug the Pionairs
when you book! I did!


. Smilie.

It was on an American Airlines flight into Amarillo, Texas on a
particularly windy and bumpy day.  During the final the Captain was
really having to fight it, and  after an extremely hard landing,
the Flight Attendant came on the PA and announces, "Ladies and
Gentlemen, welcome to Amarillo.  Please remain in your seats with
your seatbelt fastened while the Captain taxies what's left of our
airplane to the gate!"


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.
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