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number 170      date June 18th 1997
. Cory McAdams sends us an update about Diane Moser-Elliot,
editor of Horizons -
I was over to visit Diane last week and saw her beautiful
daughter, Jennifer Susan. Lots of black hair and a little face
that looks wise beyond her days!
Mother, father and baby are all doing splendidly - I'm sure Diane
is already wondering how she will ever be able to pull herself
away in the spring of '98 when the time comes to go back to work.


. Steve Charlton, who we welcomed in Netletter nr 165, sends us this
bio -
Am currently working at Dorval, as I have for 23 years, so am
keeping your pension healthy, so to speak. Worked in the IT
branch for many years, on all 3 of Honeywell/Bull, Unisys, & IBM,
plus PC's. At re-org 4 years ago, I.T. was distributed out to
customer premises, and I accepted a management job in Tech Ops.
After outsourcing, continued to interface with I.T., and coming
from technical background am one of the few customers who can
talk 'IT talk' on their terms and keep them honest.
In many cases, TechOps is pushing the corporate direction to
new frontiers: we will be the first branch to bring in an
object-oriented database, and a prototype system ("IDS") is
entirely a network of distributed clients, each running NT with
it own copy of the database. If any component fails, it chats
with its neighbour and gets put back into order, sort of like
the Internet - there's no "boss" computer like in the mainframe
days. Have rolled out CD-ROM's  with electronic maintenance
manuals on them, and we'll be editing and authoring our own
manuals electronically, and pressing our own CD's with AMM, IPC,
etc, within the year. Enough techie talk - suffice it to say that
things are still hopping, that although customers always want
more, faster, than IT can produce, we here in TechOps are making
a difference! (as proved by the stock prices).
Steve Charlton (514)422-6455
(Thanks for the techi-talk Steve - eds).


.  British Air Undergoes Makeover To Shed 'Stiff-Upper-Lip' Image

Often viewed as "cold" and "arrogant," British Airways unveiled
a 60 million pounds (US$98.3 million) makeover that includes a
new logo, brighter colors and a warmer, fuzzier feel.

As part of British Airways design makeover, tails
of the carrier's 308-plane fleet are being painted with more
than 50 colorful "world images" inspired, for example, by
mythology of the Ncoakhoe tribe of the Kalahari Desert and
Delft pottery from the Netherlands.  The logo has been
changed to a rounded symbol now known as a "speedmarque,"
compared with the previous arrow-like "speedwing."  The name
is printed in same-size capital letters with a softer,
rounder typeface, doing away with the larger "B" and "A" in
"British Airways" that have graced the planes since the
airline's last major makeover in 1984.  Basic colors remain
red, white and blue, with brighter hues.
The campaign, which followed two years of market
research, will be phased in over three years as part of an
overall six billion investment in new aircraft, facilities
and training.
(Joe Mallory sent us the above information. Thanks Joe - eds)


. Tom Grant sends us -
Continental Airlines Inc's announcement that it will turn to
Boeing for all its new jets during the next 20 years comes as a
sting rebuke to European officials who have assailed such pacts.
The deal, including an initial order for 35 wide-body jets to be
deliverd through 2004 and valued at US$3 billion . . .
AMR announced that it will buy seven 777 @ $1 billion as part of
its plan to make Boeing its exclusinve supplier . . .


. Found on the Internet.

So long, yet so short.  Friday a Turkish pilot launched a stripped
Saudia 747 from India's Tambaram air base in Madras. The pilot used
his best short-field technique and took under 4,000 feet fly the
lightened jumbo and ferry it a few miles to Meenambakkam
International, where it should have been in the first place.

Successful as they want to be, the small staff of Boeing Business
Jets last week putted its backlog to 18 after PGA champ Greg Norman
ordered one of the $30.5 million luxury hybrids of the 737-700
and -800.

The world's greatest security service may have finally met its match
-- unless it recruits a cat.  El Al reportedly delayed a flight
from Ben Gurion International to JFK last week after a mouse
reportedly was seen on the plane.  No rodent was found.
The risk: chewed-up wiring.


. Interline Stuff.

Year-round fun 'n sun destinations.

Mexico - 4 days/3 nights -
Acapulco       - Fiesta Americana Condesa from US$249
Acapulco Plaza           from US$249
Cancun         - Fiesta Americana Cancun  from US$309
Fiesta Americana Condesa from US$309
Sheraton Hotel           from US$309
Cozumel        - Fiesta Inn               from US$299
Los Cabos      - Fiesta Inn               from US$179
Mazatlan       - Fiesta Inn               from US$189
Mexico City    - Fiesta Americana Reforma from US$239
Oaxaca         - Fiesta Inn               from US$279
Puerto Vallarta - Fiesta Americana        from US$279
Camino Real             from US$279
Prices pp dbl include round trip space available air fare,
hotel taxes and service charges.
Call 1-800-422-3727 for details.


. Smilies.

A friend of mine, who has a quick wit, owns a Cherokee 180.
One day he was told by the tower to hold short of the runway in a
taxiway while a DC-8 landed. The DC-8 landed, rolled out, performed
a 180 and taxied back past my friend.
One of the DC-8 crew said, "What a cute little plane, did you make
it yourself?"  My friend replied, "I made it out of DC-8 parts.
Another landing like that and I'll have parts enough for another


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.
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