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Our crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Chief Navigator  - Terry Baker

number 172      date June 22nd 1997

. Our new National President of the Pionairs, is Olie Moore, and
his wife Mary, who is our National secretary sends us this bio -

We live in Etobicoke a suburb of Toronto where we have lived
since 1985.
Before that we were in Montreal where we both worked for the
airline. First for Trans Canada Air Lines in the 50's and then
Air Canada. I retired from the work force in 1955 to start
raising a family and Olie retired in 1983. We have three children.
Janet, Barbara and Bruce.  All married, happy and like
most airline kids they have itchy feet.  Our son has just moved to
Singapore to work for two or three years so there was lots
of visiting back and forth etc. before he left.  Now things have
settled back (we hope) and so life goes on.
Someone always seems to be going somewhere.
Olie worked from 1952 - 1983.  Reservations YUL,  Airport Agent
YULA,  Cashier District Sales YUL,  Marketing PVM - YUL,
Advertising Manager YUL.  He travelled a great deal for his job.
Overseas, south to the Caribbean but mainly into New York for the
US advertising.
We had a fun time in Montreal (AGM) and hope to see many Pionairs
out in '98 in Toronto (AGM).
As your new National Executive we promise you a good time.
1997-1999 Pionair Executive
Olie Moore - President
Donna Coutts - 1st. Vice-president
Bill Ripley - 2nd. Vice-president
Roy McCormack - Treasurer
Mary Moore - Secretary
Fraser Muir - Past President

Talk to you soon.    Mary


. Line up for the Toronto District Pionairs for 1997 is -

DIRECTOR : Stan  Molstad    Ph: 905 - 469 - 9857
Asst. Director :   Fraser  O ' Shaughnessy  Ph: 905 - 847-1421
TREASURER:   Ena  Burke,    Ph:  416 - 232-0623
Committee  Member :   Robert  ( Bob )  Newson.  Ph:  905 - 457-7009
Mailing Membership:   Peter  Baron   Ph:  416 - 269-3174
Social  Events :    Ron  Pickford ,  Ph:  416 - 255 - 5139

Thanks for the information from Gord Dalziel.


. From Don Demeza - June 19th - Newfoundland Flotilla.
The  70 sailboats that left Toronto May 15th is right on schedule
and due to arrive St. Johns, Nfld. today. They then go on to
Trinity to meet the Matthew. It's been a great trip and you can
read their daily reports at http://www.canoe.ca/Cabot/home.html
I sent the details of this trip to ex-TCA'er Tom Cunningham in
Burin, Nfld.  Talked to Tom on ham radio last Tuesday and many of
the radio operators visited his house for a shower - they were
anchored 100 yards from Tom's property so he saw quite a show
as they had a sail-past for Burin.  The fleet will return via Nova
Scotia and New York, then up the Hudson to Lake Ontario.

Bay of Quinte 11th Annual Model Jet Rally at Mountainview Airport
was the best ever - great weather with 60 pilots and more than 100
aircraft registered to fly over the two days.  A 20 foot model
Halifax lumbered into the air powered by four chain saw motors.
Also there were several real turbine models and we'll see more of
these in the future.  These engines include an onboard computer to
control fuel flow based on exhaust temperature, RPM and the
requested power.  After each flight you plug in a read-out monitor
to obtain the motor's history - the price is now reasonable
- $3800 U.S. installed in a Canadian designed model and test flown
by a modeller in Quebec. Jim McEwen, an Air Canada Airframe
Engineer at the Dorval Base flew his model for the first time at
the rally completing his test flight on the Friday night.
Charlie Lines, a USAir Captain from Rome, NY flew three aircraft,
one was an F14 Tomcat complete with a variable positioned wing -
US$17,000 for this model. Eric Dainty from Kanata successfully flew
a Harrier Jump Jet , managing the transition from lift off to full
forward speed.  That's just a sample - about 3000 spectators
enjoyed the two day event.
(Don Demeza: If Tom Cunningham has an Internet addrs,  perhaps he
would like to receive  this "Between Ourselves - NetLetter"  and
other copies, we will gladly add his Internet address to the
Netletters - Eds.)


. Interline stuff.
Family Affaire sell offs -

Toronto - Las Vegas   CA$269,    Halifax - Bermuda  CA$189
Vancouver - Maui        CA$289,   Montreal - Ft.Lauderdale CA$179
Toronto - Seattle     CA$149,   Toronto  - Dallas   CA$99
Call 1-800-413-1113 Winnipeg Call Centre for details.

World Airlines Clubs Association (WACA) upcoming events -

Date         Event               Host club    Deadline    Cost
Aug 8-11  Fantastic Finland     Helsinki      Jul 17    FIM1150+
Sep 17-21 Fun in the Sun        Trinidad     
Sep 18-22 Hungarian Win Fest.   Hungarian     Jun 20    US$310
Sep 20-28 South India Tour      Delhi         Aug 25
Sep 21-27 Buenos Aires Falls &
Tango    Argentino     Aug 22    US$583
Sep 24-28 Grande Festa          Portugal
TBA      WACA Bowling Tourny   Thailand

The 30th Annual General Assembly of WACA will be held Oct 6-11th
hosted by Sri Lanka Interline club. You will be welcomed in
Columbo, Sri Lamka's Sea Port Capital, and stay in the Colombo
Hilton, just 2 minutes from the Indian Shore. The Opening
Ceremony will be followed by a Cultural Show and cocktail party.
A visit to see a demonstration of Sri Lankan cooking, weaving
both mat and cadjan and lace making. A full day touring the
city of Kandy. The meeting will end with the Gala Dinner Dance
and Awards night to round out an unforgettable experience.
You have the oportunity to fly at ID90YN2 with Air Lanka.
Deadline to register is Jul 31st.
Obtain complete details from your local interline club.


. Smilies.

Alan Rust sends us this -

Commandments of Helicopter Flying.

1. He who inspecteth not his aircraft giveth his angels cause to
concern him.
2. Hallowed is thy airflow across thy disc restoring thine
Translational Lift.
3. Let infinite discretion govern thy movement near the ground,
for vast is the area of destruction.
4. Blessed is he who strives to retain his standards, for
without them he shall surely perish.
5. Thou shalt maintain thy speed whilst between ten and four hundred
feet lest the earth rise and smite thee.
6. Thou shall not make trial of thy centre of gravity lest thou
dash thy foot against a stone.
7. Thou shalt not let thy confidence exceed thy ability, for broad
is the way to destruction.
8. He that doeth his approach and alloweth the wind to turn behind
him shall surely make restitution.
9. He who alloweth his tail rotor to catch in the thorns curseth
his childrens children.
10. Observe thou this parable lest on the morrow thy friends mourn  

.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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