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Our crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Chief Navigator  - Terry Baker

number 175      date  July 6th 1997
. Whats on and where -

Monday  July 7, 1997
London, UK, coffee @ 11am Harvester Pub Ashford
Okanagan Pionairs,Train Ride & Picnic@Summerland
Friday  July 11, 1997
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches, Family Restaurant, Carlingwood Shopping
Saturday  July 12, 1997
Sunday  July 13, 1997
Ottawa, Brunches, PlaceNextDoor 320 Rideau St
Friday  July 18, 1997
Ottawa, KoffeeKlatsches,Family Restaurant,
Carlingwood Shopping
Saturday  July 19, 1997
UK, Royal Intl Air Tattoo RAF Fairford
Gloucestershire, UK nl 163


. Schedule for July featuring the Snowbirds -

26 - 27 Prince George, BC
30  -   Hay River, NWT


. News from the Districts -

Ron Vigars - outgoing Director Pionairs - USA sends us this -

Yes, my term as Director- Pionairs , USA has come to an end.
It was GREAT. Most interesting, challenging and enjoyable. As
Immediate Past Director I will still be somewhat involved in the
administration and efforts of the group, which will certainly be
The make-up of the incoming U.S. Executive is as follows :
DIRECTOR :-     Ian McMurray SFO
SECRETARY :-    Art Bedford - SFO
TREASURER :-    Jim Christie - SFO
Rhonda Spotton will continue on as Newsletter Editor
Peter Pemberton will continue on as Pension Representative
George Hoban will continue in the field of Newsletter
Our next meeting will be in early November but the site for our
AGM will not be finalized for another week or so. As soon as I
know I will let YOU know.
I appreciate your advertising our Banff meeting. It was a HUGE
success and we had three or four (maybe a couple more) Canadian
folks join us, and that is what this PIONAIRS business is all
about, isn't it?
Many of our U.S. Pionairs are, like myself, former Canadians, and
proud of it!
Some Information you might find interesting:-
We have Pionairs residing in 24 different states. We have 23
Canadian Retirees living in the U.S. and on the membership rolls
of U.S. Pionairs.  83 % of U.S. retirees are Pionairs members..
We also have eleven U.S. retirees who are U.S. Pionairs, but
living in Canada. Guess that's all for now.
Ron Vigars.

. And from the London England Monthly newsletter -

Alpha Flight Services have taken over the Commissary functions
at Heathrow. Staff who did not take retirement are now
employed either in other Departments within Air Canada or with
Alpha Flight Services.

Report by Alan Jones on the AGM held in Montreal.
This is a condensed version -
This year the meeting was attended by 360 retirees and spouses and
although less than last year, it was very enjoyable.
On Sunday, 1st June, following registration, the usual get-together
cocktail party took place and 'old' friendships were resumed and
new friendships made.
The following morning it was with sadness that the sudden death
of Henry Longdon was announced. He had passed away overnight.
Henry was from Barbados, but had lived most of his life in
Montreal where he was employed on maintenance at Dorval.
He was 86 years old and had been a regular attender with his wife
at the Pionairs AGM's.
On Monday, Doug Lovat spoke on pensions and medical care. Emphasis
was made especially for anyone travelling to the USA to have
adaquate medical insurance.
Wednesday was a little more lively, the emphasis being on travel
privileges. Passes incorrectly presented at check-in desks and
accepted for travel at the time, later caused problems and fines
imposed. Irene Vazalinkas took copious notes, and perhaps
re-think, some of the Company's policies. The main advice was to
refer to the appropiate 'Horizons' when completing the passes,
and to ensure that no blank boxes should appear, these must have
'void' shown in them. One retiree was recently fined for not
completing his destination as LONDON, Ontario and it had been
processed as LONDON, England.
Tuesday morning a small party went on a tour of the Dorval base.
In the evening a never-to-be-forgotten two and half hours at
the Fort-de-I'lle Ste-Helene for a grand feast.


. Don Dowie sends us some memories -

I read your emails everyday and feel like I am right in touch
with everyone back at AC.  We have very fond memories of the ten
years I spent with the airline.  I have been in touch with
Bob Carson and Don Demeza and recognize many other names.
There was a very special person in my life when I was there by the
name of Mary Cox.  She was my secretary, assistant and confidente
when I was the Station Services Manager for the Eastern Region in
Dorval.  We do exchange Christmas cards every year, but I was
wondering if she keeps in touch through this wonderful newsletter.
If not, could someone contact her and suggest it as I think it is
something she would really enjoy.
Regards, Don Dowie
(Mary is not on our mailing list, if anyone knows Mary, the Don
would be pleased to hear from her. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - eds)


. Tom Grant - one of our Pionairs and 'Netletter - Between Ourselves'
reader, sends us this -

Subject: Tom Grant's Aviation Links
Just to share the news of my first born. A webpage contribution
to the ACRA website - up and running today. Fortnightly updates
are scheduled and I know you can hardly wait!
Hope all is well with you and yours.
Cheers from the Left, Wet Coast.
Tom    http://www.mortimer.com/acra/tglinks.htm


. In 'Netletter - Between Ourselves' nr 171 - we asked about a kit
for CF-TCC - heres some more information from Dwayne Knuz -
Subject: CF-TCC/A-320 model
Good day from sunny Mb.
Recently my father in law (retired AC. Ottawa) Jack McGuire,
forwarded a copy of your news letter. I am an AC. employee Mtce.)
and a Radio Control enthusiast. About ten years ago I  founded
the "Winnipeg-A.C.R.A. Radio Control Flying Club". We had aprox.
fifteen members. However, the asscociate membership grew to about
forty and we lost a number of the A.C.R.A. members. To make a long
story short, we are now the Winnipeg-Headingley AeroModelers with
a membership of seventy!
Anyway, those very plans for CF-TCC have hung on my wall for
several years. They would be an excellent source of documentation.
The retracts would be very easy to duplicate. The size, well, 1/4
scale which would work out to about 13 feet would command a
presence at any display or airfield. Several years ago I helped a
buddy of mine draw up plans, from technical manuals for an A-320
with an 8 ft. span. Two K&B .61's  It's a great flying aircraft.
He has a 747-400 cut and half built. (for 2 years now) the span
will be in the 12 - 14' size and "will" fly on four .61's.
I hope he finishes soon!
If you would like a look at his AirBus A-320 you can find it at
the W.H.A.M. home page   http://www.mbnet.mb.ca/~jhelps/
Or my home page      http://www.escape.ca/~dckunz
Good luck on the project and if there is any help I can provide,
drop a line.
___I___                     Dwayne Kunz
_                     Winnipeg Manitoba
\ /        /_\        \ /              Canada         
0--*-=====(0( o )0)=====-*--0        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
/ \     /I /I\ I\     / \        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      
0  0  0                      
"it don't mean a thing, if it ain't got a wing"! 


. Smilies.

Overheard during a trans-con flight during the NBA playoffs a few
years ago (the scores are made up):
Airplane 1:  Center, you wouldn't happen to know the score of the
game, would you?
Center:  Uh, no, sorry.
Airplane 2:  76 to 62.
Longer pause
Airplane 1:  Who's winning?
Airplane 2:  76 is.


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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