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Our crew is: Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson
Chief Navigator  - Terry Baker

number 176      date July 15th 1997
. Welcome to Tom Au Yeung who has been retired from Customer
Service Toronto for the last 3 1/2 years. Prior to Toronto,
Tom worked in the Facilities Branch in Montreal. Now living
in the Oakville area, working for ReMax Real Estate.
Tom, and his wife  Heather have 2 children ,  their daughter,
teaching English  in Japan, for the past 4 years,  while their
son   is about to finish  at Ryerson  Polytechnical  Institute
in Toronto as an Interior  Decorator Designer. Try their email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you want to contact them.

Roy McCormack living in Collingwood, Ontario and
his email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Garnet Adamson out in Halifax with this email:
g/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


. Ken Roach sends us a biographical sketch of his career with Air
Canada follows:

"I was employed by Air Canada's C&SS/Information Services Branch
almost 27 years (based in YWG 66 - 73, YUL 73 - 79,  YWG 79 - 91,
YUL 91 93). As a Manager during the later half of my Air Canada
career which continued to be concentrated on computer systems
planning, development and implementation.  In carrying out these
responsibilities and on projects I worked with and for many
internal customers including the Finance, Cargo, Flight Operations,
In-Flight Services, enRoute Card, Human Resources, and Market
(Aeroplan) Branches."
"Although I have retired from Air Canada, I haven't retired from
the work world yet.  And, my new full time consulting career has
me traveling quite a bit, on Air Canada of course (earning
Aeroplan's highest/Elite membership level), most of it to Ottawa.
Since August 1993 I have been living in Burnaby, British
Ken Roach

. News from the Districts - Okanagan
Results of the second Annual Pionairs System Golf Tournament held
at Penticton  reported by Ed McConnell -

There were 59 Golfers (over 50% of last year's contestants) and
77 Dinner Participants at the 2nd Annual Golf Tournament held June
17-18 at Penticton, BC.
The Winners were:
Men's Low Gross ... Bob Marshall-YYF
2nd ... Stan Hunt-YVR
Men's Low Net ... Larry Rougeau-Westbank, BC
2nd ... Bill Lupuliak-YYC
3rd ... Cliff Dobson-YQR
Ladies Low Gross ... Maureen Marshall-YYF
2nd ... Bernice Horsman-YYF
Ladies Low Net ... Ollie Wawryk-YYF
2nd ... Verna Lupuliak-YYC
3rd ... Laura Innes-YYJ
Closest to Pin:
Men ... Herb Russell-YVR
Ladies ... Muriel Hunt-YVR
Draw-"Extravagant Wine Basket" ... Dave Fairweather-YVR
Draw-"Business Class Passes (2 of) via Cathy Pacific"
... Fred Lamont-YYC
Draw-"Florida Vacation (1 week) via Canadian Interline"
... Don Wiley-YUL
The event was deemed a success.


On June 26th, Air Canada inaugurated its 38th route to the US
since the Open Skies Agreement with A319 servive from Montreal
to San Francisco.

The Air Canada 60th anniversary party for Montreal is now
scheduled for Aug 16th.


. Found on the Internet.

Textron Systems announced last week that it's received FAA approval
for a skin patch made from boron epoxy and intended for fuselage
repairs on Lockheed L-1011 transports. We are unable to learn how
long the patch must be worn or whether a prescription will be

Good thing this guy wasn't flying. A cargo transporter, allegedly
driven by a man with three times the legal limit of alcohol in his
blood, rammed into an Air Georgia plane minutes after it landed at
the Frankfurt airport last week.

United and Delta may hire more than 800 pilots by the end of 1997.

Colorado Springs (USA) based Western Pacific and Denver (USA) based
Frontier Airline have reached an agreement for Western Pacific to
buy all shares and assets of Frontier Airlines.

Those Constellations!
At the Auburn Airport in Maine, there are two Connies sitting off
the runway on a private site.
They are very visible, but visitors are asked not to trespass onto
the owner's property.  A sign indicates that these are the last
three Constellations in operable condition in the world.  Two were
being worked on, the third Constellation, is rumoured to be up
north at present.  Two are ex-TWA, one is ex-Lufthansa.
The two appeared to be in good shape, but devoid of airline
markings and rudders.
Other reported Connies are -
the Mats Connie VC-121 in Avra Valley,Az,
the  2 connies in Camarillo, Ca, a C-121 & EC-121,
the Planes of Fame Connie in Vally, Az,
The Save a Connie in Kansas.
Don't forget Australia has a Super Connie too!!!!!


. Remember the Bristol Britannia?

Did you live near (ex RAF) Kemble Airfield in the UK?
Do you have aircraft maintenance skills or even just a real urge to
work on these old Ladys. Well we have one complete Britannia G-ANCF
plus the front section of G-ALRX the 2nd prototype which crashed in
the River Severn.
We are also involved in bring the last Airworthy Britannia back to
the UK from Africa in August '97. We run the Britannia Aircraft
Society, which you can join to get a private viewing of the Brit
when it returns to the UK.
Email Steve Lewis  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if interested.


. Interline stuff.

Due to construction at Dorval International Airport, travellers
to the US are required to check-in 90 minutes ahead of scheduled

Don't forget the terrific Interline Panama Canal deal, hosted
by Fraser and Joan Muir - ex National Director of Pionairs.
Departing Sept 22nd on the Crown Princess from Vancouver and
18 days later arriving at Ft. Lauderdale calling at Los Angeles,
Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Huatulco, Costa Rica, San Blas Islands,
Cartageba/Columbia, Aruba and then 7 days at the Vacation Resort
at Bonaventure in Ft. Lauderdale. Resort facilities has a pool,
hot-tub in all units with a lake, golf, tennis, horseback riding,
spa, auto rental, and resturant near by. Each unit has air
conditioning, microwave oven. 1 bedroom units have 2 tv's,
either full or partial kitchens, max 4 persons. 2 bedroom units
have 4 tv's, full kitchen with dishwasher, VCR and whirlpool tub.
Laundry facilities on each floor.
This deal is from US$1299 pp dbl, and includes a space available
pass on Air Canada.
Call 1-800-665-3100 for further details.

While you are checking up on the above deal, why not enquire
about the Interlining plus VISA credit card with no annual fee.
The only VISA card that allows you to earn FREE Interline Travel
The cash reward program lets you earn and redeem points on any
type of Interlining. You will earn points every time you use the
card for grocery shopping, dining out etc anywhere you normally
use your present credit card.
Eligibility restricted to Airline employees, retirees, spouses,
widows and parents.  


. Smilie.

Vesta sends us this chuckle -

As pilots for a large airline, we often invite passengers to the
cockpit during a flight and answer questions about our jobs and
the planes we fly. During one visit a six-year-old passenger
wanted to know how long it took to learn to fly the aircraft we
were in. My colleague embarked on a fairly lengthy and detailed
account of the time and work required for ground school, simulator
and flight training. He finally summed up by saying that all this
work, study and testing could take three months for each new type
of plane we learned to fly. "Three months, huh?" our guest
repeated. Gee, kindergarten took a whole year!"


.  That's it for this time, please we need your input, send
comments and email addresses of any others who may be
interested to Vesta with a copy to Terry.

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